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Bazile | 20:14 Fri 30th Jul 2021 | Sport
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Given that the rowing teams has had the most funding , it's been a very poor performance at the olympic games .

What's gone wrong ?


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Navigation skills apparently learned from Sub-Lieutenant Phillips of The Navy Lark don't help much!
Money doesn't mean medals
Simple, sacking the genius of the Head Coach, Jurgen Grobler, was the worst decision that the authorities could have done, almost a year's destroyed the cohesion of the team, even allowing that many Gold Medallists retired post Rio.
Obv. a year is not enough time to gauge a revised set-up the test will be Paris 2024.
whatever, they lost their inspirational head. You are right viz Paris and the number of fourths should be encouraging. Funny how Swimming has delivered this time and today, apparently, 8 finals and GB reps in each race....
This has been a very different Olympics in terms of disruption to athlete's training and preparation for the past 18 months so not easy to draw conclusions on long-term trends. Well done to all rowers and let's hope the decision to hold the event does not lead to dire consequences for the Japanese nation.
not everybody loved Grobler.

British rower Josh Bugajski was scathing in his appraisal of his former coach.
"I will admit he is a good coach to some people," said Bugajski. "But there were people that he seemed to take a disliking to.
"I am going to be brave and say something the crew don't want me to say - I popped a bottle of champagne when Jurgen retired.
"I had three very dark years under him. I would be a coward not to say on behalf of the guys who are back home and didn't make it on to the team and got the darker side of Jurgen."

But Canary is right: you can't buy medals, sport is never a sure thing. It's one thing to be disappointed about your team not doing well, but another to be outraged because you didn't get a return on a financial investment.
Is it possible that the larger crews have forgotten rule one for smooth, streamlined, speedy progress in mens rowing?

Keep your cox out of the water.
Buenchico @ 20:20. I've now got the image of the cox yelling "Left hand down a bit" as they try to avoid the other boats.
They weren't good enough.
Perhaps the opposition have just caught up?
Too many people sticking their oar in….but not quickly enough
Looks like a personality clash between two men.
I'm sure at least two or three folk on here would get gold medals for rowing...

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