Cricket Memories For Chris (Beunchico)

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10ClarionSt | 18:26 Wed 21st Jul 2021 | Sport
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Just a couple more from my schooldays Chris. In the late fifties we used to go and watch our local team, Middleton, play in the Central Lancashire League. The professional at that time was a certain famous (or infamous) West Indian fast bowler by the name of Roy Gilchrist. What a character he was! A few years later, we used to go when they signed a professional that no-one had ever heard of. Not us anyway. He was somemthing of a curiosity for us, but he was bluddy good! When they signed him, we all said "Basil who?"
"D'Oliveira", "Basil D'Oliveira. He's good. You'll get to like him"
We did like him. Just a bit! He used to say that he couldn't believe he was able to walk unhindered amongst white people. What a find for English cricket. What a player! And he started here in England, in Middleton. Happy days!


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Thanks for those memories 10CS.

I've got a piece that I wrote for the local rag in Sheffield in 1990, around here somewhere, mentioning a promising young player called Michael Vaughan. When I find it (if I ever can!), I'll upload it.
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Thanks Chris. Sounds interesting. Hope you do find it. These things remind of the letter that Denis Laws' mum wrote to Bill Shankley, which said it was ok for him to play football. :o)

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Cricket Memories For Chris (Beunchico)

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