Slow & Sluggish, Disappointed!

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Bobbisox1 | 21:50 Fri 18th Jun 2021 | Sport
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0-0 @ Wembley


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edge of your seat stuff !!!!


Am I Right ?
I'm Not Wrong !
Question Author
You’re not wrong Jonny :0)
A proper local derby match !
Fair result.
I cannot see many European sides losing sleep over having to play England.
I love how England are talked up as possible winners prior to the tournament but two games in they look hapless and short of ideas
Same old
Looking forward now to the inevitable inquest
No not a proper local derby match
not enough commitment from England
Not closing down quick enough
not running at their defence enough
not making their presence felt on the pitch enough
Yes, England was sluggish and well done Scotland but a point is all you needed really as it dont matter whether you finish first or second
Czeck 4, England 4, Scotland 1 Croatia 1 so England need a point to be sure
Slow and sluggish ?
Slow and sluggish, true, but enough corners for both sides in each half for me to win another £37.50:-)
TonyAV, summed up perfectly. I said on the European Football thread that i was hoping for a derby-type game.
During one of the games the other night, it was stated that one of the stats was that teams who win all 3 group games do not win the tournament. I didn't fancy our lads from the beginning (Belgium and Italy are my picks) but i don't fancy them any ;ess because of tonight.
England didn't play well at all. But Scotland didn't take the chances they had.

I'm inclined to ignore it to some extent - it was a derby game and those often produce unexpected results.

But both teams need to up their game and show a bit more hunger if either of them are going to progress.

Poor performance by England. I actually got bored and got my sewing machine out.
Why did Robertson's foul on Sterling not go to VAR? It was a clear cut penalty.
Yes, dont matter to me and my first thought was dive but slow motion showed it were a clear penalty and I was expecting VAR to inteveen
Why did Robertson's foul on Sterling not go to VAR? It was a clear cut penalty

Probably because he chipped the polish on his toenail but went down like he’d been snipered
Glad the ref was not suckered by it
@22.07&22.09.Nae chance.Sterling was lucky not to be booked or sent off for cheating for a penalty.Chancer.
Sticky, that is a definite penalty according to the current rules #justsayin
I'll say nothing other than to mention my answer at 11:34 last Saturday to this question:

" does beg the question why such ridiculously over the top and excessive coverage is afforded to what is likely to be a prolonged series of second rate matches of a very tedious game."

Why the Scots would feel it worthwhile to travel 400 miles to watch a football match (especially those who had no ticket) is a little mysterious. I wouldn't travel 400 yards.
Yeah he overacted but he was fouled, end of as TOra would of said
Sterling should have been sent off for trying to con the referee,sticky...but he wasnt...
immyfanny- he was fouled so VAR wouldnt have approved a sending off
Sticky, that is a definite penalty according to the current rules #justsayin

That is up the referee and VAR to interpret them as they see fit

Similar to the penalty given in the Croatia game earlier

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Slow & Sluggish, Disappointed!

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