Slow & Sluggish, Disappointed!

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Bobbisox1 | 21:50 Fri 18th Jun 2021 | Sport
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0-0 @ Wembley


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@22.17.I hope you dont watch cricket,NJ,because watching this so called sport is like watching grass grow.As for your snooker,it is just pool for toffs... at the end of the day it sounds like someone is clutching at straws to cover for a decidedly below par performance at home as tournament favourites, according to some haha
Scotland were good,very good against the so called leading favourites for the Euros.I would say right now now,Scotland are a better team than England is...Scotland just cant get the breaks.
//As for your snooker,it is just pool for toffs...//

Which snooker players meet your definition of a "toff".
Judge, you seem to have a real issue with people enjoying what you don't. It was an awful match, but there have been some great games this past week, and I'm sure there will be more to come.

There are plenty of other channels to watch in order to avoid the footie.

As for the game, even as a Spurs fan, I think Kane needs to be rested. His head just isn't in the game at the moment. I wonder if he's too busy dreaming of Manchester City. I'd like to see Sancho given a run out instead of Sterling too.
there is very little i find i can agree with NJ on. On this occasion, however, he is completely correct
Ynna, snooker is a proper old fashion working man's sport. You never used to get too many "toffs" down the average snooker hall.
Ummm,ok on reflection,apologies all round....,
//Judge, you seem to have a real issue with people enjoying what you don't.//

No I don't have an issue with that, Mozz. What intrigues me is that time after time football competitions like this are hyped up way beyond their mettle; fans get excited; flags are hung out; TV schedules are trashed. Similarly time after time matches disappoint, are described as this one has been and the inevitable post-mortem begins "this was a penalty", "he should have been sent off" etc. etc.

The overwhelming majority of matches in these competitions are second rate. That's understandable as the players - as good as they may be - only get together briefly from time to time and football is a team game. They're playing a ludicrous 51 matches to get a winner from 24 teams and it's odds-on that over half of that matches, and probably more, will disappoint.
Ony wye ,game on...come on my beloved(but benighted)Scotland.
@23.05.I take it you are not a football fan then,NJ.
if England and Scotland win their last games then they will both qualify for the knock out rounds along with Wales which is great for British football then instead of a European super league we can have a U.K super league

Am I Wrong ?
I'm Not Right !
If only Wee Jimmy had been chosen as centre forward we might have a different story to tell tonight.
Aye,if,johnny...if...if...the smallest word,but with the biggest,massivest meaning...
Judge, people need something to get behind, especially after the last 18 months. Sport in general unifies people, especially international sport. I agree that the competition is overstuffed with too many teams now, but that's just UEFA looking to line their pockets to the max.

Even if England are playing badly, we can all unite in the common cause - cheering on whoever Germany is playing. ☺
Dunno JD, the way England played, she might've got a hattrick.
Wee Jimmy Johnson died a few years back,jackdaw.If him and Jim Baxter had been playing tonight England would have taken a tanking.
Actually I was referring to your First Minister.
We know jd. not one to let a stupid opportunity to pass are you ?
It's an attempt at humour wrapped up in discourtesy.

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Slow & Sluggish, Disappointed!

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