Another Ex Footballer Dies Prematurely

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piggynose | 15:10 Wed 16th Jun 2021 | Sport
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44 seems so young.
Ugo RIP.


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Very young and very sad. I think it goes without saying, that when you push your body that hard in unnatural ways, it will be a risk. That it's "another ex-footballer" isn't unexpected. Just awful.
and seems so long ago

21 April 201721 April 2017.
From the sectionFootball

1972-2017 - er you could read the article before you post them
but ho hum, this is AB
very young and very sad and rather a long time ago

Piggynose - you could probably ask for *this* thread to be removed.
So sad, and yes it does seem young - I have two children older than that!

I think we are always shocked when sports people who have spent their lives being in the peak of physical condition succomb to a hidden condition like this.

It's very sad, he seemed like a nice guy.
Andy, they are often over-peak. It's not natural and that's why many "exceptionally fit" people die from heart conditions. It's not hidden, but human bodies aren't designed to deal with that amount of stress.

[ apologies for shouting, but subtlety seems to have failed ]
It's ok. It's in Sport, not News- and always relevant.
It was even the OP's thread 4 years ago.
Question Author
Sorry for not checking the date. I thought something was amiss.
I cant believe the beeb could be so sloppy.

How are the BBC in the wrong here?
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15.46 I C+P it from bbc sport today. So surely bbc are at fault. No just me.
It wasn't in "BBC Sport Today" as a news story - it was in a link to similar stories at the bottom of a page about Mr Eriksen - the date is very obvious.

Surely you (as a professed Baggies fan) should have realised that it was a historical parallel - not a new report?
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Hands up SD of course i have no excuse. Ironically i and many wba mates were releived when he left us, not cuz we didnt like him, we couldnt pronounce his name.
Interesting how many on here are quick to blame the BBC for just about anything!

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Another Ex Footballer Dies Prematurely

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