Hungry Versus Portugal, Packed Stadium, No Masks.

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dave50 | 18:16 Tue 15th Jun 2021 | Sport
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How have they managed that? What are we doing wrong?


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Hungary are just behind us with 48 people (3rd) on at least one vaccinations/100, Portugal in 15th place at 34 - (France 19th at 32/100) as of yesterday.

We're recorded at 106, Malta at 110 as our 2nd vaccinations roll out.
Perhaps they are the ones doing it wrong?
They'll be sorry
20.48 I will second that one, very sorry, wait and see.
Question Author
Perhaps they are not as paranoid as we are.
Because they know the truth and not the bulls??t sorry if this offends the covidnazis have a happy evening x
Their PM, Viktor Orban, defied the EU by making vaccines available from Russia and China. Some 5.3m of his country's population of 9.8m have been vaccinated. He also accelerated the release of national lockdown regulations just prior to the Euros, despite a surge in Covid 19 cases earlier this year, which pushed Hungary's death toll from the pandemic to close to 30,000 - one of the world's highest per capita mortality rates.
so the answer is that they've killed off all their vulnerable already, while we're still lagging behind?
For some international comparisons are tantalising and even educational. But others are made angry by them - some of whom are angry because they demonstrate what might have been. The other type of anger is the one that specifically arises from the fury that foreigners seem to manage to avoid what for Britain is said to be unavoidable plus that the audacity of the messenger is galling. Meanwhile one European country is on target for lifting all internal restrictions by the end of this month (but not the external/border ones).
DTC 18.24 Out of interest, do you have a source/link that shows the international comparison on inoculation ? I'm not questioning your figures, just interested in seeing the whole of the list you are clearly watching/using.

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Hungry Versus Portugal, Packed Stadium, No Masks.

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