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grandpajoe | 19:10 Mon 24th May 2021 | Sport
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I ordered and paid for £2000 a Vanmoof X3 in Feb but the delivery was put back 3 times to mid June so I sacked it and now am thinking of buying an "Eskute" for half the price. Has anyone had experience of these Bikes please????


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Oh dear!! A remainer has to find any excuse to air his political views !! We are in Europe but not in the EU. The lateness of my order has nothing to do with the result of the referendum. So easy and WRONG to blame Brexit and introduce your bile into a straight forward question about a bike made in China, Eskute,!!!!
Your Dutch Vanmoof bike is late because of Brexit, or rather our ill preparedness for it.
While your Eskute might come from China, the UK dealer may get their supply of bikes from mainland Europe.

// Brexit means that bikes imported to the UK from the European Union now incur a 14% tax. Brands have already paid tax on their bikes when importing them into Europe from Asia, and that’s not refundable. Moving bikes on to the UK would mean two lots of tax being passed on to the consumer and a big price hike so brands won’t do it. //
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I am merely trying to ask if there is anyone on A B who has had experience of Eskute Ebikes.
Grandpa, you introduced politics into this thread. Sunk commented on probable reason for delay and difficulty. One should be able to talk about facts without being 'cancelled'..
I don't know much about electric bikes, so I can't advise. If no-one here can help, you could try searching for bike reviews
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I am looking about for info' re the Eskute and thought A B would be a good place
seeing the average age group on AB, this might not be the best place to ask about a specific e bike.
I think it's ESKUTA? I presume you will have read the Amazon reviews which are quite favourable. User Recommendation

I bought a Zipper Z4 some while ago. If buying on line for self-assembly it's not dead simple. Some mechanical knowledge useful.
sorry - wrong link!
one review here (not very detailed) User Recommendation
and here User Recommendation?th=1&psc=1

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