European Superleague...........grotesque Concept?

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ToraToraTora | 11:07 Mon 19th Apr 2021 | Sport
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Once again Football tries to extract yet more dosh for the big few. I haven't seen anyone in the Football world on favour yet. Pundits, fans, sports journalists all seem to agree it would be a disaster. Should the teams and players be banned from the rest of football if they go ahead?


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Call me an old cynic ("You're an old cynic, Dave"), but this reeks of the same brinkmanship that was used by the putative 'breakaway' Premier League Clubs in 1990 - who also were going to be a closed competition, no promotion/relegation. All they were really after was a much bigger share of the TV money and more seats on the governing body - which is exactly what...
12:56 Mon 19th Apr 2021
mercenaries, thats what they are!!!
The FA are contemplating banning them from domestic competions.
The problem, TTT, is that players have signed contracts to play for the clubs in whatever competition they are chosen to do so.
The pure, unadulterated greed of the owners of these 12 clubs - among the richest in Europe, if not the world - is obscene. And the statement by the Real Madrid president - "...responding to wishes of fans" is jus plain laughable.
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danny they should be ostracised from the game completely, let them get bored with playing each other six times a year. Any player that turns out should be banned from internationals. Grotesque is correct.
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ken; "The problem, TTT, is that players have signed contracts to play for the clubs in whatever competition they are chosen to do so. " - yes so the FAs of the countries concerned should make sure they can only play among themselves.
Men in blazers criticise other men in blazers.

Nothing of real consequence results.
Money talks. It's difficult to see how this proposal can be defeated if the plan is to throw billions at the teams within it. I should stress that I hope it *is* blocked, or at least the most punitive sanctions possible applied. It's notable, too, that the English clubs involved are in the main led by foreign owners, particularly US-based owners, as the idea seems to me to be very similar to, say, the NFL or some such franchised competition.
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the key thing is what the TV mob do and they will wait and see what the respective Associations do.
Perhaps banning them from all competitions - domestic and European - would deter players signing for these teams.
I notice that one of the best - if not the best - club side in Europe, Bayern Munich, are not among the Dirty Dozen.
The answer to this lies with the fans. If they don't like the concept they should not attend the matches (if and when they are ever able to again) and cancel their Sky Sports (or similar) subscription.

But they won't.
Friend of mine gave up watching football when the Premier League came about. Wonder what he thinks of this crazy idea.
I can't stand prima donna footballers and big business taking over sport. So I really hope this blows up in their face.

If the opposite happens, and my Sky Sports subscription goes up yet again to pay for this nonsense, that will be the end of said subscription.
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Arrods, the premier league etc is, as far as day to day playing goes just a fancy name for the old Div 1, ditto the "Championship" etc, I still think of them as Div 1-4. The main difference here is that the proposed super league has no relegations/promotions thus the clubs are not under pressure once they are in it.
The irony of all this European League proposal is that it is not replacing any current competitions, but is to be in addition to them. And what do our top clubs continually moan about, season after season after season? The amount of games they are forced to play.
// The problem, TTT, is that players have signed contracts to play for the clubs in whatever competition they are chosen to do so.//

The answer to this depends greatly on the contracts in question, but it's more than likely that players will be awarded bonuses based on performance in the league. It stands to reason that if the teams are kicked out of their respective leagues then the clubs could be held in breach of contract by denying the opportunity for such bonuses.

It's also more than likely that the relevant clubs make obligations to their players to stick to rules of FIFA/UEFA etc. They are manifestly not doing this; ergo, players objecting can hold the clubs in breach of contract over *that* point, if nothing else.
Give them all a
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would this replace the champions league?
It's an appalling, disgusting concept that goes against one of the things that football is built on; the open competition that lets smaller clubs dream of playing larger ones. Those smaller clubs - and by extension, the communities around them - would suffer as the money that has always trickled down from the top dries up.

The clubs involved will have to answer to the fans & I sincerely hope they're loud & vociferous in their condemnation of the scheme.

FIFA have already said that any players involved would be denied the chance to play for their countries again & I wonder how many will be keen to accept that?

I guess we'll see who's in it for the money & who cares more about the sport. Boardrooms v just about everybody else. Probably go to penalties & could be an interesting scoreline when the dust settles.
From hat i heard yesterday, TTT, it is in addition to all the other European competitions. This league is by invitation only.

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European Superleague...........grotesque Concept?

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