Rangers And Celtic Reason To Cancel An Engagement Seriously??

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gordiescotland1 | 20:52 Sat 17th Apr 2021 | Sport
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I have become friends with someone I work with we go for coffee outside and before lockdown we used to go for a drink. He is an avid rangers fan. I have no interest in football but we other interests in common. I am not sure if I am being wound up. He is divorced a number of years. He told me before he met his ex wife he went out with a girl for a year and decided to propose she said yes and she said it was important to her she got married in a catholic church as her faith was important to her. My friend said he felt awful but he immediately called off the engagement although he loved her he felt as a Rangers fan he could not marry a catholic. Is he taking the P. ? Is religion and football in Scotland that closely linked


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For some people- though certainly not all - that can still be the case.
It certainly is for some Gordie, sounds like she had a lucky escape.
Yes, a friend of mine changed faith - a Protestant from Saltcoats marrying a Catholic from Weegie-ville. Her father was of Italian descent and, seriously, ran an ice-cream parlour - his name, Luigi McTavish. I do not jest.

They have had 7 kids over the years. He was more an Ipswich fan than a Rangers one but still - he loved his wife-to-be and was prepared to make the conversion for her.....Amazing what a 99 will do when it comes to romance - or was it a 69?
Just think of the wild-eyed nutters on the back of Toyota pickups in far-flung places and you get close to what some of them are like over their team.

It speaks to a lack of a sense of reality to me, as a normal person who regards their game as a joke, but not a good one.
Sadly I'm afraid it is. One of my best friends was brought up a Catholic but has long since lapsed, whenever football comes up it is obvious that he hates Rangers passionately.

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Rangers And Celtic Reason To Cancel An Engagement Seriously??

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