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royfromaus | 17:27 Sat 10th Apr 2021 | Sport
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Well done Rachael


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good race and well done Ms. Blackmore....
Trained to the minute and ridden to perfection. Once my selections had fallen from contention, i was actually cheering her on. A brilliant result for the sport.
I had £2 on. The days when it was a negative to have a female jock onboard are gone. Well done indeed. I hope you realise how brave these riders have to be. Blackmore has rewritten racing history this year after her Cheltenham exploits as well.
well done indeed.
A brilliant result. Very well done.
Well done that lady :-)
Wish I'd watched it now, well done her
Wait for the screams of protest on here from the anti-racing brigade, one hoss, 'Yala Enki' put down, Bryony Frost's steed and she's been carted off to hospital for a check-over.
Well done to Rachel Blackmore and Henry De Bromhead who had second as well. However with 12 out of 15 finishers being Irish following on from their successes at Cheltenham makes you wonder what our trainers are getting wrong or what more importantly they are getting right.
Out of my shortlist of 12, grumpy, 8 were Irish trained, including the winner. Though the nearest i got with my 5 selections was 4th placed Burrow Saint. My 'outsider' went at the first:-((
Wonder if our handicapper is underestimating the Irish contingent?
That may be so Ken but I wonder if staying chasers are run too often to be in the right condition to perform well in the National.
As i pointed out in my stats, grumpy, most recent winners had run between 3 and 6 races in the season they won the National.
Also,is that correct concerning Yala Enji ?as I have just seen it was The Long Mile which sadly died.
Sorry predictive text.
Correct, grumpy. It was The Long Mile and it was Bryony who was rushed to hospital, though Yala Enki is ok i believe.
I saw UR against them so assumed they hadn’t fallen and thus the horse would not have sustained a serious injury.
//Wait for the screams of protest on here from the anti-racing brigade,//

Not screams of protest -just sadness a beautiful animal had to lose its life in the pursuit of 'Sport'.

I watched the race. Lots of tired horses and thankfully the jockeys pulled them up -that's one consolation, along with the less sturdy fences and that ridiculous drop at Bechers having been removed a few years ago.
Yes, congrats to her.

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