Rangers Win The Scottish Premiership

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ynnafymmi | 16:48 Sun 07th Mar 2021 | Sport
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55 titles for Rangers now.Fellow Scots ABers will be delighted.Well done Steg,well done TCL,well done JimF.Your team done good.


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I am not a Scot but that's great news for the Blues
well done them, can't say more than that....
Question Author
I wish some other team would challenge the sectarian twins,but money counts up here in Scotland.
Question Author
You would think TCL would be on here by now.A good Rangers man as he always claimed.Now total silence.
the corbyloon? really..
Question Author
Aye,strange to say emmie.....
is he a Scot then?
or just supports Rangers?
TCL is an Scot stuck in an Englishman's body
a Scot
Question Author
a pretendy Scot,emmie
ok i didn't know that, lol
I thought he was a Lancastrian from Corby , haha
You mean is he a pretendy one like Rod Stewart?
Question Author
A pretendy one like a lot of the SNP supporters on this site.Never been near Scotland in their pitiful little lives.Hi,Gulliver,Hi,TCL.
Aye, my team won the league cup the other week....he he.. braw
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Huh,just wait till the Dandies start playing real fitba....maybe about 2038....
Had to laugh at how Stevie G is being hailed as the messiah.
A manager can only prove himself in the premier league or similar not in the annual 2 horse race that is the Scottish Premier League

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Rangers Win The Scottish Premiership

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