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Bazile | 16:47 Wed 13th Jan 2021 | Sport
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I see that John ( where's the cue ball going ) Virgo is back commentating on snooker

Where's he been ?

I like his commentary


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It also says:

"Virgo, who retired from the pro circuit in the nineties after almost four decades on the green baize,..."

Virgo's first professional appearance was in 1973 and he retired from competitive play in 1995. Not quite "almost four decades" then.
Unless you count eleven years on "Big Break", of course!
I loved him on Big Break!
According to Wiki, "Virgo is currently embarking on a new venture, opening a new vegan café, Virgo's Vegan Cafe, in his home city of Salford, with help from fellow snooker player and friend Peter Ebdon".

I haven't heard of it locally, and can't find anything about if/when though, though with Covid it's less clear. It's also unclear when the Wiki page was updated with that and when "currently" is/was.
he went to pot, didn't he?
John has had his fair share of personal problems, he produced an app a while back about trick shots with a games company, I did read somewhere he was also starting business in Salford with Peter Ebdon.
He used to play in Salford naturally being born there, but he has been missed, no doubt about that.
I don't think the Vegan Cafe ever came to fruition, it was quite a while since it was planned.
After emigrating to Dubai in 2005, Ebdon returned to England in 2009. In 2018 Ebdon became a Professional 'Healer' at The College of Healing in Malvern, Worcestershire, England. He is also involved with sourcing mares for stallion Harbours Law at the Batsford Stud in Gloucestershire. During the 2020 covid-19 pandemic Ebdon used his social media presence to spread conspiracy theories about the pandemic, as well as circulating anti-vaccination posts.

Not much time for setting up vegan restaurants, it seems.
> I don't think the Vegan Cafe ever came to fruition

Very good ...
No, and his twitter posts verify his conspiracy theories.

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