Ain't Sport Odd ?

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Canary42 | 02:35 Sun 13th Dec 2020 | Sport
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Earlier in the week we heard of Rugby players suing the authorities because of Dementia (allegedly) sustained through participation in the sport.

Tonight we have one grown man bludgeoning another insensitive in the name of "sport", and the event being followed enthusiastically by thousands of fans.

W E I R D - - - - - - or not?


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Yep weird, but that's boxing for you isn't it.
Male animals have to establish their right to breed. Stags boxers and rugby players...

rugby players have not until recently known the danger they're in, since their sport is not about bludgeoning each other. They've known their bodies would be battered over the years; the notion that they could be on a fast track to dementia is new, and understandably found shocking.

If a rugby player had been offered £10m to go up against Pulev he might have accepted or refused but at least he would have known the cost.
rugby players

Nah, to many stoppages.
The ambulance chasing solicitors are on to another gold rush!
Ain't they always, venator.
Yes Tony, Answerbank is responsible for some bored people sitting up in front ofa keyboard with an alcoholic liquid in hand. There must be grounds for a class action here.....
That should get me deleted....
Tonyav - rugby players much better than footballers. They don't throw themselves down and pretend to be injured and they rarely argue like small spoilt children with the ref.
prefer rugby any day of the week to the pampered footballers
Most British sports fans are familiar with the maxim that ‘football is a game for gentlemen played by hooligans, and rugby union is a game for hooligans played by gentlemen’.
In other words Emmie, it's ok to knock seven bells out of each other if you're a gentleman? That's what they do isn't it?
its an old saying, haven't you heard it before. I like Rugby Union, they have changed the rules quite a lot so not so much head bashing,
no they don't by the way, the aim is to score a try, i watch 6 nations and am enthralled by it. I don;t like footie at any point
I like football Emmie. I come from a strong football area, Central Manchester. What I don't like is that everyone blames the referee; the fans; the players; management; pundits etc. It's always the referees' fault. And VAR has proved that to me, because they even argue with that! T'other week Roy Hodgson asked the question re VAR: How have we come to this? But nobody told him we've come to this because everyone wanted it and voted in favour of it. Now that they've got it, they don't want it. The only thing they want is the ridiculous money.
No it's weird for you because you are not a fan of it or may be neither play it you do it because you love it and it's all about choices.
at least boxing is mano et mano, its not for anyone fine, but i have watched it from a young age, when attending boxing matches at the local town hall, weird or not, its been around the many centuries
the rugby thing is interesting because the issue about head injury and sport has been known about in American football for some years and because they are injuries caused by the brain slopping around within the skull, wearing a helmet can actually make it worse because the players believe that the helmet protects them.

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Ain't Sport Odd ?

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