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Why not?
Why not? All they have to do is run about and know the rules.
And put up with the abuse from an opposing side when she awards a penalty.
Of course I’m in favour. What’s not to like?
Just as long as she understands the offside rule !
If the game requires a male ref to be able to perform something that a female is unable to do, then no

I'm unable however to put my finger on something that falls into that category

That should be ok, they have ladies being the referee at snooker now
women who aspire to once male dominated areas of sport should be applauded.
And can put up with the cheating , OG
If her ability matches the criteria for refereeing games, then why not? There are pioneers in almost every walk of life. It may not be too much of a stretch to say we may have a female at the top of the Jockey's Championship in the shape of Hollie Doyle.
Better than female commentators, I suppose.
Gabby Logan is a good presenter, as is Claire Balding
Providing they are not going to make song and dance about on field remarks such as " big girls blouse " " handbags" and
" f c k off ref" then I am alĺ for it.
Alex Scott on football is a good pundit.
i am sure that most can handle that sqad.
Question Author
Sqad don´t get too excited, they wont be wearing revealing lingerie or stilletoes, mind you if they could wear the former it might increase the tv audiences and fill the grounds after the pandemic is over.
They are all pundits, emmie.
A different kettle of fish to commentating.
no they are not spicy, clare balding commentates, on Horse racing, tennis, wimbledon, and other sports besides.
Oh yes, and it she can do 'the look' then dissent will be a thing of the past.
I was looking at some interesting pieces on Claire Balding and she says she won't cover mens football matches because of the abuse level of abuse aimed at women

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