Led Armband Battery Replacement Issue

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KittyGlitter | 20:30 Sat 14th Nov 2020 | Sport
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I have bought some LED armbands for running. I can't work out how to take the battery cover off. Can anyone who has used these advise please? The instructions say press on it near the hole but nothing happens! Please see the link here for what they look like: User Recommendation


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Someone has asked that very question. Here's the answer

A: Slide the battery compartment out of the material. On the opposite side to where the light connects to it you will see a small hole. Using a small flat head screwdriver push into the hole to deactivate the tab. It can be a little awkward, so this may take as few attempts.
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That was the question I posted on Amazon but the answers didn't help!

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Led Armband Battery Replacement Issue

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