Current Rugby International ,6Letters, C - R-A-. It Accommodates A Lot Of Different Players.9Letters ?R?H?S?C?

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dmag69 | 22:02 Tue 15th Sep 2020 | Sport
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irish times "Back on the ball" crossword
nos 69 across and 84 across


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Are you sure about the R in the 6-letter one? (Andrew) Conway looks to be a possibility if not.
69 Across is Murray.The first letter is M,not C. 62 down is SUMMARISING, then you get the M for Murray! I am also stuck on 84 accorss (9) _R_H_A_C_
Orchestra looks good for the other.
noelshan, look up, Calibax has answered 84a as Orchestra (maybe revisit some of your answers?)
Not sure ORCHESTRA is right. The sixth letter seems to A not S as the clue that it overlaps with is 'Southern English Racecourse (9)' and the first letter in that is the one that is sixth in the clue 'it accommodates a lot of different players'. The Racecourse seems to AYLESBURY and 4 other letters in that fit with other clues. Also the second last last Letter in 'it accommodates a lot of different players' seems to be C as it overlaps with the 5th letter in 'Greenness, naivety (9)' which is I think INNOCENCE and 3 other letters of this fit in with other clues. It see,s that -R-H-A-C- seem to be right?
Aylesbury is a dog racing track, not horses?
Salisbury ?
Which letters are definite in INNOCENCE (ignoring the second C)?
...sorry, meant the first C

(But Ignorance looks good)
5th letter in 'Greenness, naivety' needs to be an 'R' to let 'Orchestra fit.
Thanks to all, yes, I have it now!
Phew! well done. A bit 'round the houses' but we got there.

Welcome to AnswerBank by the way - hope you'll stay with us.

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Current Rugby International ,6Letters, C - R-A-. It Accommodates A Lot Of Different Players.9Letters ?R?H?S?C?

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