Saturday Punt - 29 Aug 2020

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Ken4155 | 11:34 Sat 29th Aug 2020 | Sport
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Many trainers have been put off by the underfoot conditions, leaving us with quite a sparse menu, and i'm having difficulty in choosing 4 for my usual Lucky 15. As for the ITV 7; all I have done is to select those animals which have some sort of reasonable form on soft going - and in some of the races, none qualify!

ITV 7; Shabaaby (£2 win), Old Harbour, Alemaratalyoum, Desert Encounter, Epic Endeavour, Fox Chairman and Sir Busker.

Take out the 2.45 and I've done a £1 e.w. sixfold.

Back with the Lucky 15 later - maybe:-/


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Couldn't find 4, just 3 for a Patent and e.w. Treble for a poss £566 return.

Big Les, Ey Up It's Mick and Frontispiece.

Bes of British - you'll need it.
Was almost ready to post myself Ken, but have been keeping my powder dry waiting for the N/Rs to be finalised. Some nice races have been spoiled by the withdrawals. Besides the heavy/soft ground I think the very cold weather will have put some owners or trainers off. Flat horses are probably just as susceptible to muscle strains if sprinting when cold as we are. N/Hunt horses are usually a little less fragile and more robust I would think. Had a bit of luck yesterday, and my usual dollop of bad luck. I had notification that 3 horses from my S.L. stable were running so did a £1 trixie. The last two of young Fallons rides at Goodwood and Blue Skyline at Newmarket. 2 won and the other got beaten by a nose. I had £49 back instead of £630. 2 more running today.. the last 2 in my ITV7. Done the usual 4 horse £1.00 e/w acca**** with doubles and trebles and a little win trixie on the other 3⁕⁕⁕ Wouldnt surprise me to see the Rule 4 weapon used against us if we do have a win. Good Luck.
Watan* @7/1 2.05 New.
Global Warning* @7/1 2.10 Wind.
Cold Stare* @7/1 2.25Good.
Desert Encounter⁕ @10/3 2.40Wind.
Epic Endeavour⁕ @10/3 2.45 Newm
King Ottaker⁕ @11/2 3.15 Wind.
Century Dream* @3/1 3.35 Good.
Stroll on..... substitute Ventura Rebel for Watan. Another N/R.
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£1 Trixie, £1 Treble for a poss return of £285

2.40 W; Desert Encounter @ 10/3
2.45 N; Epic Endeavour @ 4/1
3.35 G; Sir Busker @ 4/1

Another what if day here Ken. Couple of nice wins and a couple of doubles with a mock treble after Watan was scratched. Didnt have time to alter all my punts so they gave me 9 quid for a mock treble and two extra mock doubles with the real one. Somehow finished the day about £25 up. Even had the same double in my altered bet. Haha.
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Well done for getting something back on such a poor day's racing, Togo. Nothing doing at this end. Wish I was a relative of Hollie Doyle - i'd have been on all 5 of her winners :-) Hayley set the bar quite high for lady riders, but young Holly has raised it and probably hasn't stopped raising it just yet. She really is a serious pilot.

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Saturday Punt - 29 Aug 2020

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