Serve And Volley

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Cloverjo | 20:50 Wed 01st Jul 2020 | Sport
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Watching Wimby highlights from years gone by, isn’t it great to see serve-volleyers coming to the net. Rather than the endless bludgeons of boring baseline rallies of the likes of Djokovic and Nadal.

(BBC2 at the mo)


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..... and probably every other tennis player today.

And don’t get me started on nearly all of them choosing 3 tennis balls and discarding one before serving.
An inevitable result of slower courts , better string technology and fitter players
yep they should never have slown down the men's balls. They turned the men's game into the women's game.
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And the endless towelling down between points. Nadal takes TWO towels to his end.
I remember when the players didn’t even have a sit down at the change of ends. They’d stand wiping themselves down, maybe ask for a Robinson’s cordial, and crack on.

Yes, Bazile. They’re all very fit now.
Those are the reasons I don't watch much tennis now. I still enjoy doubles but they don't televise many matches.
I'm enjoying every bit of it. I really miss Wimbledon this year, and with so many talented new players coming to the fore the game is changing all the time. Can't wait for the US open and the French, however they may be broadcast.

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Serve And Volley

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