Congrats L F C.

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rowanwitch | 08:08 Fri 26th Jun 2020 | Sport
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If there is a heaven Dave is partying with the departed reds.


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As a life long Man United supporter even I have give respect where its due well done to them. With the lockdown one of my Brothers and a few mates will find a way to celebrate I'm sure.
A long time coming but by far the best team in the PL this season. Just a pity the virus has put paid to the open-topped bus procession.
I'm a Man Utd fan too. Congratulations to Liverpool FC on their first Premier League title. I have to say though that at times, I thought they were fortunate to come up against a few teams who were very profligate with the chances that came their way. I go right back to the first game of the season against Norwich at Anfield. Norwich created some great chances and missed them all. But that's how it goes isn't it? That's not Liverpools' fault is it? Having said that, Liverpool were/are easily the best team in the Premier League. No doubt. Next season, their opponents will have to take their chances when they come, not regret missing them. Perhaps it will be a more even contest if that happens. But congratulations to Liverpool. I know a few my scouse mates will be celebrating today. Well done!
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Perhaps Man United had something better this season.... Marcus Rashford
Congratulations to Liverpool on a thoroughly well-deserved title :-)
As an ex-Liverpool fan, I'm delighted that they've won the title - they've finally shut up all the haters who didn't want them to win it. They've thoroughly deserved it and they've been a delight to watch.

Really pleased too for Jurgen Klopp, because I think he's the best Manager in the League and I think he's been a breath of fresh air for the game/fans/interviewers/sports reporters/journalists.
the bus tour will be made at a more appropriate time......

I hope redman is respecting self-distancing at the party upstairs!
Come on you Spurs you next after sixty years .
Lovely to think of Redman smiling x

Well done Liverpool!

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Congrats L F C.

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