So Much For Djokovic's Tennis Tournament.........

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-SharonA- | 14:25 Tue 23rd Jun 2020 | Sport
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It now turns out many of the players have contracted covid 19.

The U.S. open is looming and going ahead.


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How many players tested positive, Novak my dear?

Fifteen, love.
Djokovic has tested positive. So much for relaxing the rules !
I think it is very useful for athletic lunkheads to do the experiment we have been dying ( ha ! pun intended) to do ourselves

I cant think of a better way to show that if you behave stupid you get infected, stupid

what were they doing - kissing and drinking together?
yup = game set and match

I liked the two liner doug

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So Much For Djokovic's Tennis Tournament.........

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