Premier League Returns

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Mozz71 | 17:16 Wed 17th Jun 2020 | Sport
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And immediately on the ref's whistle to kick off, all 22 players and the officials as one, take the knee. Obviously it was premeditated, but the unexpectedness of the act made it seem very effective and quite moving.

It will be interesting to see if this was something arranged by Sheffied United and Aston Villa, or if it will become de rigueur for the Premier League.


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So , will all the players and match officials have taken a test for the presence of CV?
From what I have read, yes.
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Not sure Bazile, I believe there is plenty of testing going on.
I don't like the BLM on their shirts! Not long ago they wouldn't let them wear Poppies!
Wouldn't All Lives Matter be better?
20 minutes in and i'm bored, to me it just goes to prove that without supporters, who create the atmosphere, football is pretty tepid.
As for the 'Black Lives Matter', I think it would've been better to display 'All Lives Matter', that is my view.
It's Aston Villa playing - are you surprised? Apologies in advance to Tonyav and DaisyNonna - and Bill, the Duck of Cambridge and heir.
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//Wouldn't All Lives Matter be better?//

//better to display 'All Lives Matter', that is my view.//

Same old arguments by people trying to twist BLM's name.

//Not long ago they wouldn't let them wear Poppies//

That was FIFA/EUFA. The FA were pushing for the poppies to be worn. The FA are also behind this shirt change.
A load of cobblers in support of self-appointed martyrs.
Are all those footballers married to hairdressers?
Certainly a bit dull after the Bundesliga :-)
>>> So, will all the players and match officials have taken a test for the presence of CV?

The Premier League has been carrying out loads of testing since mid-May:
One of them was spitting. That's not allowed, is it?
I’m watching on NBCSN and they said before hand the players and officials would do the knee thing, so it was pre-arranged and not a surprise for me.
I think it is an OK match. The Bundesliga ones I have been watching have been awful.
The campaign is called ‘Black Lives Matter’ so it would be silly to have anything else on the shirts.
And that ball was easily over the line, so the technology failed.
Think the Arsenal v Man City match will be better.
Hopefully. This is dire.
Sterile, totally sterile, have switched over to a recording of Lewis.
All seven cameras were too bored to watch it too ;-)

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Premier League Returns

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