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zebo | 12:00 Tue 09th Jun 2020 | Sport
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Surely we're not allowed to select people for a job on the basis of their colour, irrespective of their suitability, or have I misread the memo?


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Just wait till the feminists get in and insist all football coaches should be black females.
he may be a half decent footballer but he's not the sharpest tool in the box
I'm sure that Sterling would agree that people should be employed because they are suitable for the role. The point is that a system that keeps on deciding that White Men are the most suitable candidates is questionable, at best.
in football, you only get the big gigs if you're the best. the amount of money in the sport at the highest levels will ensure that this won't change. Football club owners and chairmen cannot afford to make decisions based on any desire - however laudable - to inject diversity.
Poor lad. His life must be hard enough without having to talk to white people.
Before I left the NHS the online application system removed any reference to gender (race/colour/ethnicity was never asked) Sadly it was not used higher up the organisation where white and male remained the norm. Its a problem with organisations in general that they tend to want to employ people who will fit in and that tends to be people who are like the people who are doing the selecting.
Positive discrimination does work in football, and Sterling is a good example. How else did he become Manchester City’s first black utterly useless attacker ?

He is wrong about everything else. Most of the Premiership coaches are not English. If you are deemed good enough we take coaches from everywhere. There are BAME coaches, but they also unfortunately aren’t much good.
The FA is full of white male dross and obviously needs a cull, but not just to replace them with black male dross.
> Surely we're not allowed to select people for a job on the basis of their colour

Positive discrimination ... is generally prohibited under the Equality Act 2010, unless an occupational requirement applies.
Is this the same Sterling that has a machine gun tattooed on his leg?
Sterling sub machine gun. Yeah.

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Sterling Nonsense

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