A Clean Sweep For The Premier League, But........................

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Ken4155 | 09:18 Fri 10th May 2019 | Sport
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Despite both European finals being contested by Premier League clubs, the games will still take place in their designated stadiums; the CL Final in the Wanda Metropolitano stadium (home of Atletico Madrid) and the EL Final in the Baku Olympic Stadium (where the Azerbaijan National side play their home matches). What's more, Liverpool and Spurs will be allocated just 16,613 tickets each (capacity 68,000, while Arsenal and Chelsea will have just 6,000 fans each in the 68,300 seat Olympic stadium - yes i know there will be those who get tickets on the 'black' market. Wouldn't it serve the powers that be right if both arenas were less than half full?


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By the time of kick off there’ll be more than 16613 Scousers in the ground I am certain. Echoes of Istanbul 2005! But you are right. It’s all part of UEFA being ecumenical and taking the finals away from exclusively metropolitan centres. It’s crazy, of course.
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Crazy, i agree. But it will also mean that there will be masses of opposing English football fans roaming the bars and clubs of both venues and hoping to get tickets by hook or by crook. Surely a recipe for disaster.
Madrid is big enough to absorb most of the potential trouble-and yes there will be-but Baku? It’s crazy to hold finals in a 34000 capacity stadium. Exacerbated by the coincidence of English sides going 2500 miles together to play a game. And when the trouble comes UEFA will weep crocodile tears. ***!
I've just been watching this on the BBC news.
I hate UEFA (and FIFA) with a passion - never putting the fans first .... let's just hope that this one doesn't come back to haunt them ....

I mean c'mon .... 6000 tickets each for Arsenal and Chelsea - WHO actually makes these decisions??

I reckon even the mighty Clarets would sell 6000 tickets :)
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At least 5 times that amount, Giz :-)
Highbury; Baku holds over 68,000, not 34,000. And, if the fans of any of the 4 sides do cause trouble, EUFA/FIFA will say, "Typical English behaviour."
So who is getting the other 55000 odd seats. Even for a dodgy (I did NOT say corrupt)set up like UEFA there can’t be that many hangers-on and corporate parasites, can there?
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Just Googled and got this; 38,000 tickets on sale to public (just under 17,000 to both finalists), the rest go to the local organising committee, EUFA and national associations, commercial partners and broadcasters and to serve the corporate hospitality programme with new packages. Or, as Roy Keane would say, "The prawn sandwich brigade."
But the figures for Baku are even worse. Around 13000 tickets for Arsenal and Chelsea. I ask again-where are the other 55000 going? Smells a bit.
I've been wondering what would happen if Chelsea and Arsenal refused to travel that distance to play?

No doubt sanctions would be swift and furious from the highly-paid bracket (UEFA??)
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Highbury; again, just googled and have learned that just over half the tickets (including the allocation to both clubs)have gone on sale to the general public, though are considered too pricey for the Azerbaijan public to purchase and the rest as per the CL final.
I suppose both Chelsea and Arsenal will try to use the occasion to promote their 'brand'. Never know, they may earn a few bob in future shirt sales. every cloud, and all that :-/
All well and good for the venue of the final to be determined prior to the first round of both comps but there should be an element of common sense in the form of a proviso that venues can be changed if teams from same (or neighbouring) nations qualify.
This is the farce which is football due to eejits who pay stupid fees to watch it on Sky and the like / pay £45+ for a season shirt / £700 (at least) for a season ticket.
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ZM; My lot, Burnley, have an 'early bird' offer on season tickets which, last season, cost less than £450 for the dearest. Despite being in the Prem, don't think we're in the £700 league just yet.
However, i do get what you're saying and, to a large extent, agree with you.
My friend’s wife is a Burnley (or Burnleh) supporter. Other than that she’s a lovely lass. ;-)
Another of the problems associated with playing in Baku is getting there. The rip-off airlines have put prices up for Madrid but even if you can get to Baku a) the logistics and b) the price of an air fare make the whole process well nigh impossible.
Baku-beyond. How I would love the fans to boycott this final.
Go to Baku and outside the ground you can see the statue of Tofiq Bakhramov, the Azerbaijani linesman who helped England win the World Cup :-)
The fewer fans who travel the fewer chartered planes damaging the climate :-)
The honeymoon is over

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A Clean Sweep For The Premier League, But........................

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