Sour Grapes From Vettel?

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Dodger666 | 14:37 Mon 29th Apr 2019 | Sport
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Sebastion Vettel has said that F1 is getting boring because Mercedes are winning all the races. I wonder if he would have the same opinion if Ferrari were winning them all?


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I think so. He didn’t complain when he was winning titles.
Perfectly adequate racing driver with entitlement issues refuses to acknowledge the passing of time and the inadequacies of Italian organisational skills.

He's had his time, now it's over to the young team.
it's "boring" because he's not winning! PMSL!
Really Mr Vettel ?
Were you saying that about Red Bull when you were there and winning all the time ?
Perhaps if Ferrari remove the constraints on Leclerc and let him go after the silver cars ? - Instead of giving Vettel number one status
ironically, Ferrari are mainly being held back by their own errors tactically and Vettel's driving co ups. I agree baz after 4 races I'm starting to think they should make the new boy a priority.

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Sour Grapes From Vettel?

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