Tonyav Will Be Happy That Revenge Is Sweet

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DTCwordfan | 22:25 Sun 10th Mar 2019 | Sport
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...inn scoring the winning goal...what a Brummie prattt

It's disgusting behaviour, I hope you agree?


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He'll be smuggy mc'smugface:-)
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Am Aston Villa hands over a £50 note to the turn-style operator at St Andrews and says 'two please'.

The turn-style operator asks ‘Will that be defenders or strikers for us, Sir?'
Of course it was, but Grealish is partly responsible, imo.

He is a 'professional' sportsman who did exactly what he is paid for.
Why he had to jump the barrier to get closer to supporters beggars belief. His action caused a massing of spectators. Is it any wonder there have to be so many police in attendance at football matches, let alone stewards?

Poor show all round.
But you do not go around punching people, so Grealish is not to blame.

The security is appalling, supposedly had a knife?!?
choux Of course it was, but Grealish is partly responsible, imo.

Wot, how is Jack Grealish to blame for some Blue nosed idiot running on the pitch and assaulting him ? ( while his back was turned .
Smowball, I wrote Grealish was partly responsible, never mentioned the word 'blame'. There is a difference.
I beg Smowball's pardon, I mistook her for SharonA's avatar.
Television footage showed a member of security being led away by authorities after appearing to forcibly push the 23-year-old back onto the playing field.
West Midlands Police confirmed a steward was spoken to in the aftermath of Grealish's goal but that "no offence has been reported at this stage".
Grealish should have been booked for what was clearly a dive.

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Tonyav Will Be Happy That Revenge Is Sweet

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