Does Anyone Think That Maguire Looks Like Tommy Cooper (When He Was Alive?)

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Sqad | 17:39 Thu 12th Jul 2018 | Sport
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do you mean henry?
Who's Henry Maguire?
molly's brother
are you talking about Harry Maguire?
I wouldn't that thought it but now you say it, the flat face and slightly protruding jawline does bear some resemblance.
Possibly more like Charlie Sheen after a straight fortnight of drink, drugs and wild women.
Maguire is alive Squiddly
Question Author
I know Randy, but Tommy Cooper isn't.
Yep, i see it.
Question Author is that relative of yours who had a thalamic bleed at birth?
It's the mouth / teeth I think.

I watch his pre-match interview last night and he seems quite charming and down to earth.
Yes I can see the resemblance. The one where he's clapping, to me, he looks like actor Sean Penn.
She is ok, I don't see her as much as i should as she is at the other end of the country, as she has got older (5 now) it is apparent that it did affect her development.
Question Author
Randy...what a shame....not a nice place to bleed into.
5years time flies.
Sorry to hear that, Randy :-(
I think he looks more like James Alexandrou who used to play Martin Fowler in Eastenders last time I watched it!
hey, she is a happy bundle of energy, she is well loved but thanks x

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Does Anyone Think That Maguire Looks Like Tommy Cooper (When He Was Alive?)

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