Golf Bag Divider Material.

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lacmag3 | 21:06 Mon 07th May 2018 | Sport
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Although my golf bag is in excellent condition, the material at the top of the internal dividers has perished quickly. The material can be removed/replaced but can anyone suggest where to buy the appropriate material (stick backed or velcro type)? Thanks.


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You could try Gorilla tape, it sticks like **** to a blanket ! which you can buy at any d.i.y. stores.
I lined my bag with a series of 4mm plumber's plastic tubes - as used for waste pipes - over 10 years ago and have never had a problem
I am Not a Golfer but I can visualise the excellent idea that Khandro has mentioned.

Possible even cheaper than buying ready prepared golf bag tubes:- User Recommendation


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Golf Bag Divider Material.

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