Amsterdam V England .football Game Tonight.

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anneasquith | 01:09 Sat 24th Mar 2018 | Sport
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I see the fans have behaved as expected, 100 arrested before the game started .


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01:19 Sat 24th Mar 2018
"Amsterdam V England" ???

Ruddy 'eck! I knew the England team were poor but I didn't realise that they could now only play cities, rather than countries!
Since when has a Amsterdam been a country, anne. ;-)
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Give me a break boys, you know what game I'm talking about !!
If Anne has declared it a country, is now a country!.. :-)
It's easy to get confused in one of Amsterdam's 'coffee shops' though ;-)
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Holland........ Chris I had a cake :-)
"Riot police detained 60 people in the red light district, officers said"


It's certainly sad when blokes can't find anything better to do than riot in the red light district ;-)
The boys played well, but, commentating on the expert analysis and according to my wife who's a Gooner, Mr. Wright has let himself get well out of shape.

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Amsterdam V England .football Game Tonight.

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