England N Z - First Test

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sunny-dave | 00:25 Thu 22nd Mar 2018 | Sport
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Time for some proper cricket after the hit&giggle fest of the last couple of months - be a treat to be able to settle down and watch a match evolve over a decent period of time.

England really should win - but NZ are by no means a pushover and the day/night nonsense (pink balls anyone?) will level the teams down a bit I think.

Good pre-match analysis from Aggers here :

So it's TMS on the radio, Sky on the TV and a glass of malt in hand - the build-up is from midnight and the match starts at 1am

Cheers my dear old things ...



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Let's hope that England can get off to the same sort of start that Scotland did against the Windies earlier today:
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Well yes, Chris - although the Scots got undone subsequently by a combination of a terrible umpiring decision and a torrential rainstorm :(

I'm now hoping the Zims get similarly undone against the UAE to give Ireland an outside chance of qualifying.
I still don't get why cricket hasn't caught on to the fact that allowing weather to decide who wins a match is dumb.
Starts 8.00a.m here, more civilised time to watch than in the UK. Will watch on Sky too via streaming link. No point in having TMS commentary as the time delay between stream and live commentary is often more than one delivery.
South Africa v Australia follows on afterwards - will be good to see how Rabada gets on.
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You're absolutely right Jim - and of course in Test Matches there is (usually) time to finish the match even if the weather intervenes at points along the way.

Pyjama Cricket seems very resistant to the obvious 'come back tomorrow and finish the match' solution - or even to abandon and reschedule the match. I suppose it's all about money and no-one cares that much about 'the spirit of the game' these days.

If the Windies had been behind, I wonder if the administrators might have tried a bit harder to get the last few overs in somehow ... ?
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Some chatter about an unexpected change in the England XI - we'll know at the toss in 13 mins ...
Yes, KP is back!

(OK I guess it's not that unexpected...)
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If he's back then I shall take up watching shove ha'penny ... his talent was undeniable, his obnoxiousness was/is in direct proportion.
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Vince dropped - Overton in (presumably Stokes not 100% fit to bowl) - Root batting at 3

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Toss :

NZ win toss and ... bowl
I love when Root comes in to bat.... :-)
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Let's hope you have to wait a little while to be excited then ... :-]
I am stunned that Scotland actually have a cricket team.

Enjoy the game guys, I am off back to sleep. x
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Time for bed with Aggers and Victor ... see you on the other side.

Oh I'm used to that, Dave....

Off to bed with Padi.....enjoy the cricket...x
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Oh dearie me. Oh dear oh dear oh dear ...

18 for 5

Not even a minefield - just a normal first morning pitch :((
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England’s worst start since 1895 ...
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18 - 6
Looks like it could end up as a one day match!
Sitting up with hubby and he flabbergasted!! Me I'm off to bed.

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England N Z - First Test

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