Mark Sampson Set To Leave As England Women's Manager

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mikey4444 | 17:21 Wed 20th Sep 2017 | Sport
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Think there's a sale on shoe horns at Timpsons.
Question Author
lol Mamy !
The connection is small-mindedness and malice: let's find someone in the public arena and see if we can find a way to destroy their careers and their reputation.

I'll make a small allowance for those going after Suu Kyi, because the whole story from the BBC and The Independent (etc etc etc) ignores the whole history of Burma so you only ever get to see one side of the affair.
...[i]some]i] of those going after
I'm suffering from (amongst many other things - please don't enumerate) a bracket problem, I see.
Don't let them bully you, VE.
Anyone with a working brain knows the connection and agrees with you.
I did actually watch the girls last night, Spicerack.

I think what happened after the first goal says it all.
They certainly annoyed the racist, VE.
Question Author
That shoe horn is certainly getting some use this evening !
Going by the OP mikey possibly wanted rid of Mark Sampson after the allegations of racism ... the fact that they were unfounded is neither here nor there.

There are many people who think like that, they actually breed animosity whilst thinking they are special people who stand up to racism where ever they see it.
Another victory for the PC brigade. England were on fire last night against Russia, with no lack of skill across the field.
Looks like the toughest job in football now transcends both sexes.
Probably better now if males stay away from the female game, too much of a PC minefield and easier to fall foul of all sorts of allegations from those slightly disgruntled.
Question Author
Chilli...Rowlocks....Sampson was sacked and here is the reason ::::
Unlikely he will appeal his dismissal, his contract has been paid up, runs to 2019. He would probably have agreed to go quietly.
mikey old bean, how/why on earth did you find it necessary to re-post your original link?
I heard you shouting off the page the first time, no need to repeat.
I merely gave my opinion, you're on another thinly-veiled racist/sexist rant, obviously.
Forgot to add: Rowlocks is how I'd describe the FA's handling of this and the spurious reasons for his 'sacking'.
I've tried reading the articles but the whole situation is as clear as mud. Is the dismissal for how he spoke to the Nigerian girl or is there more to it?

If he was good at his job why sack him?
Apparently nothing to do with recent allegations, but all related to issues raised in 2014 in his former role, that nobody from the F.A. had bothered to read the full report for until just now. All very odd.
Haha so he didn't go because of a recent "poor relationship" with an ethnically sensitive player...........but for previously enjoying rather closer relationships 2 years before the much publicised "complaint". Perhaps Aluko was miffed because she was not one of the, ahemm, favoured players. Mark Glenn will go, as well. But I would make him reimburse the money he dished out, to cover up his own failings, that has led to the ongoing saga. All £80,000 of it.
Yes these days it will be much safer to install a black female manager, no matter if the team doesn't do well, at least all the correct boxes will have been ticked.

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Mark Sampson Set To Leave As England Women's Manager

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