F1 Ferrari Blame Verstappen......what Do You Think?

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ToraToraTora | 14:47 Sun 17th Sep 2017 | Sport
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In my opinion Vettel got mugged on the start and tried to force Verstappen wide but he pushed him into Raikkonen. Possibly he did not know Raikkonen was there but either way it's clearly Vettel's doing. Verstappen got the better start and got along side Vettel.


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I agree, it did seem to be Vettel who caused it.
Vettel's fault, he came across the line.

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Vettel's fault all day. Lovely drive from Lewis. After a great start he had to win it 3 times. What a result.
No question, it was Vettel's fault.

"All three men were called to the stewards to explain the incident but officials decided that "no driver was wholly or predominantly to blame" and decided to take no further action."

Any other driver from any other team who basically turned into an opponent would be sanctioned, what is this mysterious power that Ferrari hold over F1?

They have the nicest Badge!
FIA. Ferrari International Assistance, probably tells you everything.

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F1 Ferrari Blame Verstappen......what Do You Think?

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