Go Mo!

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Tilly2 | 20:24 Sat 12th Aug 2017 | Sport
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I do hope he wins.


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I haven't been following - have any other GB contestants taken any medals?

Yes, I like Mo.
I wish those commentators would shut up,!!!!!l
some commentators like the sound of their own voices and forget to commentate imo

Do hope he wins
Well he hasn't.
ah, well, He's in good company with Bolt then :-D
He's gutted. But what a brilliant career he's had. Just love him.
Seems to be a bad time for GB athletes.
I used to break records when I was young that's until I was fired out off the music shop .
aah, so it was you in that music shop in Union Street then weecalf?
I did hope he would win, a good career for him though.
Well at least Bolt will feel a bit better , by sharing the disappointment of a favourite not winning , with Mo

Anyhow well done on a brilliant career Mo
...and Bolt of course

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Go Mo!

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