Northern Ireland Open Snooker On Tv

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THECORBYLOON | 22:17 Sun 20th Nov 2016 | Sport
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Is anyone else watching this at the moment? They said it's being played in a big marquee but it sounds more like a huge tin shack by the side of a motorway and God knows how the players are putting up with the constant hellish background noise.


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It doesn't look much like a marquee to me!
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I seen a review described it as a big tent and it doesn't look solid to me. When I seen one of the matches the other day it was the night of the bad weather and I thought it was high winds that was causing the noise but it is constant and sounds like traffic to me.
If they were holding a snooker event in a marquee in Belfast in November they'd be asking for trouble ;-) There are no main roads near the exhibition centre. It is certainly very noisy. Don't think it's cars though

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Northern Ireland Open Snooker On Tv

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