Rubbish Football Chants

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joggerjayne | 21:17 Sat 29th Oct 2016 | Sport
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Some football chants are very funny. .

But some are a bit rubbish.

We have a player called Anthony Knockaert. When he scores, as he did today, the song is ...

We've got Knockaert
Anthony Knockaert
We just don't think you understand
He only cost two mill ...
He's better than Ozil
We've got Anthony Knockaert

I don't know who thought of it. Were they pleased with the (irrelevant) Ozil rhyme??

Is this the worst chant around?


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"We've got Tiny Cox" "Our carpets are filthy We've got Novak" "There's only two Andy Gorams"
21:27 Sat 29th Oct 2016
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A few years back at Man United it was in bad taste back then:

Nemanja Vidic

Nemanja, woah-oh
Nemanja, woah-oh
He comes from Serbia,
He’ll flucking murder ya
"Marty Quinn'll knack yer ballacks aff"
Cliftonville circa 1979

In English it translates as "Our uncompromising defender Martin Quinn will separate you from your vital bits when he tackles you"

Best one i heard of came during a West Ham and Liverpool match when the witty scousers sang, "You've got Di Canio, we've got your stereos."
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Ha ha Murdo, I like the John Lennon one.
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lol all very good x
Cannot beat:
Nice one Cyril, Nice one Son, Nice one Cyril, lets have another one !
Nice one Cyril, Nice one Son, Nice one Cyril, lets have another one !
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Who was that, Shazza?

I remember the song, but not the team.
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You are welcome, JJ.
Was watching Spurs at Norwich a couple of years ago and our fans were taunting theirs wih “Norwich City, your sister’s your Mum”

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Rubbish Football Chants

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