Flashy Wickets

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bibblebub | 18:12 Tue 15th Mar 2016 | Sport
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It's the World Twenty20 tournament and all the stumps and bails light up when moved so that it's clear to everyone when the wicket has been broken.

Have such stumps and bails been used before in official games? Seems like a good idea.


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Yes,used in most 20/20 Matches in the last couple of years.
They've been used in T20 in Australia for a while.

Very dramatic, but I think it may actually distort the decision making of the TV replay umpire sometimes.

The law says the batsman is out if he is out of his ground "when the bail visibly leaves the groove" - but the lights actually flash a millisecond before that & I've seen at least one decision made 'on the flash' which was actually incorrect.
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oh right - I've seen some t20 games before but don't remember seeing them before today

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Flashy Wickets

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