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joggerjayne | 09:11 Sun 03rd May 2015 | Sport
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One of my pals and I went to Middlesbrough, in Scotland, for Brighton's last game of the season. It was really jolly. We went up on Friday night, had an Indian, and went drinking at a place called Valentino's. We had a scrummy breakfast at a café called The Mannequin, run by a lovely Polish lady. in. Fact, two Polish ladies. We decided they might be a lez couple, so it was just like being at home.

So, yeah, when the teams came out, the Boro fans in the (hang on, on our left, so ... South?) Stand threw paper in the air, and had red smoke things. That was fun.

They sang lots of songs that I couldn't quite make out, including a very jolly one to the tune of The Sting. It might've been something to do "Red Army From The Boro??"

We sang "Sea Sea Seasiders", and "Sussex By The Sea", and "We Are Brighton, From The South".

Boro have a chance in the Play Offs, so they sang "We're Going Up". We escaped relegation, so we sang "We're Staying Up". Then we sang "We're Staying Up With The Boro", ha ha.

We teased them about losing top spot in the Championship. We sang "You Topped The League And You ****d It Up". Best LOL chant of the day.

They teased us about everyone in Brighton being gay. We sang back "You're Too Ugly To Be Gay".

All very, very jolly. And just fab people in Middlesbrough. Really friendly. Just like when they came down to us. They had put posters in the loos with seagulls on them, saying Thank You For Travelling 316 Miles To The Riverside Stadium.

We drank lots of wine on the train(s) to help us on the basically six hour journey.

A totally jolly trip.

Oh, it was 0-0, but that made no difference to Boro, because Bournemouth won, so Boro couldn't get a top two spot, and no difference to us because we were not going to go down (as they say) (unlike the ladies in The Mannequin café, ha ha).

At the end of the game, the Seagulls team gave all their shirts to the kids in the stand who'd made the trip, which was nice.

What we didn't know was Middlesbrough has seagulls. I mean real ones, flying around near the stadium. Gay café owners, and real seagulls. It really was a home from home for us.

Anyway, Boro fans ... they are all very jolly, and we Seagulls love them.

(and I have, through all this, avoided spelling it "Middlesborough")


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Is Middlesbrough in Scotland?
Wherever it is, it sounds as though you both enjoyed the visit.
Question Author
We did enjoy it. People on the telly keep saying Middlesbrough is a bit rough. But it's not. It's lovely.
You didn't actually make it to Scotland, jj but I'm glad you had a jolly time up t'North.
Question Author
It seemed as far as Scotland.
Nice trip then jj ! :0)
when horsham is considered "ooop north", middlesbrough is practically over the north pole and back down the other side......
Yes, it's a long way from Brighton, jj.
Glad you had a good time JJ,over the years I've found the majority of people "Up North" are jolly good company.
Question Author
They were, paddy. They were.
Did you do it without Oxygen?
'Oop north'. Come on Paddy.
Question Author
Didn't need oxygen, but we needed lots of wine for the journey both ways.
I went to Middlesbrough once. I won't be going again.
The hospital where I have had numerous stays and outpatients visits is in Middlesbrough. It is also the nearest place I have to visit if I want to visit any of the big shops, such as M&S, Next etc. & I know the place well.
It is a dump!
The favourite hobby of teenage youths is stoning passing cars. I have witnessed this dozens of times and have been the recipient of this behaviour 3 times.
Do you know why Jesus wasn't born in Middlesbrough?
They couldn't find 3 wise men and a virgin
Question Author
We went in the M and S! We had to buy more wine for the train journey home.
^ 'had to', lol.
Have you considered getting tinted windows, MrsO?
I've never understood why if it isn't Middlesborough, it is still Boro. Shouldn't it be, like, Bro, dude?
Question Author
It's just ... you know, a quirk.

Or is that some kind of ice cream?
No it's an actress.
Question Author
So it is !

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Middlesbrough - A Jolly Place - Riverside Game

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