Richie Benaud Rip

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thesecondlaw | 02:26 Fri 10th Apr 2015 | Sport
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Has there ever been a better commentator in the history of sport? RIP to a true great. He wasn't a bad player either!


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Yes, RIP Mr Benaud. When he was younger, I always thought he looked like Gene Pitney, if you remember him?
Just heard the news .....very sad, he will be greatly missed.
He must have been a good age. RIP, Richie.
RIP Richie.
A great cricketer and to be up there in the pantheon of sports commentators.
Sad news.
I loved listening to him. There have been some fantastic cricket commentators in my lifetime- Benaud, Arlott, Johnson, Bailey, Blofeld. I'll have to reread his autobiography again. Hearing some clips on the radio this morning though I was struck by how fast he used to speak- I didn't notice it at the time and was always fascinated by his insights
I was very sad to read this this morning. A great cricketer and and excellent commentator on the game he very obviously loved.

and let's not forget ( the people who will remember, have to be very old ) - a very successful author of - First Steps in Latin
I remember him and Jim Laker in the commentary box
my copy of "first steps in latin" hasn't got mr benaud's name on it - is it a forgery perchance?

or, are you yanking our cranks, PP?
Looked good still, for a man of 84 years of age.
One of the great commentators, I wish today's commentators would follow his style, "If you can add to what's on the screen then do it, otherwise shut up."
My sentiments exactly,vulcan.!! R.I.P.Richie,the greatest.
I hadn't realised he once held the record for the number of sixes in an innings. (Hit by him, not off him.)
Great Cricketer, great Captain, great Commentator, great Man!

First steps in Latin by F Ritchie ( Benaud

all our copies carried it

One of the finest commentators any sport has ever seen, a gentleman & a personal favourite of mine for various reasons.

RIP Richie, you will be missed.
Why did he never get a Knighthood,after all Don Bradman did.
ivor at the time in question oz didn't award knighthoods ER11 could have awarded it had the politicians not wanted them for their acolytes.
the professional manner of his commentary was matched by his wonderful mastery on the pitch.
he was the best commentator on the planet in any sport. he is now part of the pantheon of late great commentators such as kenneth wolstenholme, dan maskell and bill maclaren. he was undoubtedly a great gentleman, sportsman. the world is the poorer for the loss of a great man RIP richie and thanks for all your efforts and achievements.

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Richie Benaud Rip

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