Winter Games Day -7

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joggerjayne | 07:11 Fri 31st Jan 2014 | Sport
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Woo hoooooo!!!!!

It's just one week until the greatest sporting event on the planet.

But I am not in good spirits this morning. I'm really miffed about the whole Emily Sarsfield fiasco.

Emily is a Freestyle skier, who competes in Ski Cross. She narrowly missed the cut for the Olympics. The criteria included being ranked in the World Top 32. Emily is ranked 34. So the British Olympic Association could not select her for the Games.

However, some skiers ranked in the Top 32 have been ineligible to compete, for other reasons. So ... Yaaayyy!! ... Emily (and several skiers from other countries, who are ranked lower than Emily), received a formal invitation to compete in the Games from the International Ski Federation.

Which meant that the British Olympic Association could, finally, select Emily for the Olympics.

But ... they haven't. They have issued some nonsense statement about the agreement between the BOA and the British Ski and Snowboard Association not allowing for the acceptance of 'hand-back' places. What a load of crap. We have a chance to enter a skier in the Ski Cross, and the British Olympic Association won't let her go.

All the other countries are sending their skiers who received ISF invitations.

Anything can happen in Ski Cross. There are jumps, and bumps, and collisions. The top skiers in the world can take tumbles. The lower ranked skiers can have a good day and finish well. It sets an unhealthy precedent to not send your top athletes just because you don't think they can win. If that happened at the Summer Games, ninety percent of the athletes wouldn't be there.

Grrr! Okay, that's it. Rant over.


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as I read it, the case against Amanda changed. It was no longer about a perverted sex game but because a third party didn't flush the loo. Which seemed a kind of demented allegation to me.

But I digress. Yes, Emily should be on the plane.
Question Author
Yes, they completely withdrew the theory on which they had based the entire case. And then, off the tops of their heads, they came up with an equally unfounded theory about an imaginary argument over the dirty flat. So, actually, they have absolutely no idea what happened. But, hey ho, whenever I'm in Italy, I'll just remember not to kiss my BF in public, in case everyone thinks I must have murdered someone.

I think I'll do a One For The Boys. Who's that girl on the Russian Curling team? She's pretty. Hang on ...
Ah - I always thought Curling was "Housework on Ice" ... I may have to revise my view ...
whoa, that's way too gay for Russia
Housework on ice!!!! Oi!! I'll have you know I was a whizz at this extremely skilled sport when I lived in Canada and it has nothing....nothing at all to do with housework!

I am proof of that...☺

Did I strip off???? Not telling you now!....☻
that gness, she'll do anything for a puck
Question Author

Dave has posted a better "One For The Boys" than mine.
she's definitely lost her curls in that last one
Puck?....Jno...puck?....Wasn't bad at Ice Hockey either but that was due to my inability to stop on skates and accompanying the puck into the net...☺
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Given the choice JJ, which would you choose ??
Front row seat at all the major events in Sochi, or a ride of a lifetime in a Cable Car of your choice ??..........:-))) lol lol
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That's a hard one, redman

Speaking of hard one, lol ... I hope that you know who would choose the cable car, or I'd be offended.

Don't worry, my pals still tease me over that, so I'm used to it.

Those front row tickets would be very, very tempting.
"I went to a fight the other night and a hockey game broke out." (Yes, it was about ice hockey.)
tut, gness, if a Booker Prize winner can stop a puck, you can
//Front row seat at all the major events in Sochi, or a ride of a lifetime in a Cable Car of your choice ??..........:-))) //

if you choose the cable car ride, be sure not to invite the US Air Force.

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Winter Games Day -7

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