England Cricketer Allegedly Ball Tampering

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jkelly24 | 19:46 Sun 16th Jun 2013 | Sport
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Anyone know who it is?


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Bob Willis thinks he knows, but I reckon he will end up very embarrassed by this.
It's because they've been throwing the ball into the ground, to get it to bounce once before the wicketkeeper takes it. That way, they have one side of the ball rough and one side smooth - the smooth side cuts through the air faster and causes the ball to swing, depending on which side of the ball is facing toward the batsman. The condition of the seam will also have an impact.

The problem with the allegation is the fact that the England fielders can not throw the ball so perfectly, that the rough side of the ball hits the ground EVERY time. Other teams have employed the same tactic for years and no-one has said anything.

I don't think this white ball is doing anything in the air (Could be the ball itself, or the weather conditions aren't perfect) so the bowlers have no advantage.
But stories and links suggest it's been scratched, not dulled a la Mike Atherton.

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England Cricketer Allegedly Ball Tampering

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