Netball News ... The Sand Between Your Toes

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joggerjayne | 16:54 Mon 22nd Oct 2012 | Sport
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This is what it’s all about …

NetFest !

A Beach Netball tournament on Surfers Paradise beach in Queensland.

1,100 players are taking part. 130 teams from Australia and New Zealand, soaking up the Gold Coast sunshine.

Barefoot netball, the sand between your toes, sunshine, swimsuits, cocktails, barbecues, surfers … does life get any better than that?

Does all that jolliness go some way to explaining why Netball is Australia’s highest participation sport?

So … anyone up for a few days down under?

Don't you think it would just be the BEST few days OF YOUR LIFE !


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I'd love to go, but only if I could skip the netball/volleyball/snorefest.

I'll be over there >>>

Sunbathing with booze.
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It would be fab, wouldn't it, triggy.

volleyball, B00 ?? ... netball is a game of skill and athleticism, not a spectacle for lecherous old men. On the plus side, I'm sure there would be a cake stand ... but no chocolate, obviously, because of the heat.
my sister used to live in Queensland but she has now emigrated to Essex. I'm not really in a position to explain this satisfactorily, but love had something to do with it.
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There can be no explanation for that, jno.

Unless ...

Maybe she didn't like the feeling of sand between her toes, the warm sun on her body, the splash of surf and the sound of the sea, the smell of the barbecues and the cooling Margaritas.

I'm sure Essex also has its plus points.

Essex is that bit across the other side of the Dartford bridge, right?
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I've just realised ...

I think six posts is a new record a Netball News thread ... despite the fact that three of them have been my posts.

So ... things are looking up, yes? My circulation is improving, so to speak.

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Netball News ... The Sand Between Your Toes

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