robin hood never needed a fancy bow

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kinell | 07:17 Sun 29th Jul 2012 | Sport
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watching the archery it seems to me that the sport has come a very long distance from its humble origins,

with balance poles, weights and sights etc perhaps it could be made easier for them if the archers were allowed to walk up and stick the arrow in the target by hand,


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In Prince of Thieves didn't Robin Hood split one arrow already on the target with a second one? There's not many Olympic archers could do that.
Imagine all that paraphernalia at Agincourt. We would never have won.
Agincourt - they just pumped them up in the air and could fire at 15 a minute for short bursts.....the archery here is more like sniper fire. One bullet - dead. Same for the arrow.

My youngest is a hot shot archer and loves being involved it, a true toxophilist. With her sister advancing up the senior ranks of Taekwondo, I should be well kept, the youngest for killing the prey and the elder for chopping firewood up with her bare hands.
never mind the bows and arrers, have you seen the kit they wear for shooting an airgun? the wabbits would spot you long before you took aim........
the GB ladies are currently leading the Russians in the team quarterfinals
I wonder if darts will go the same way eventually?
Lol Cazz
uh oh, they might be about to throw it away, one of the 3 looks quite nervous
Hitting a four inch gold spot from 100 mts is not easy without the right gear and splitting arrows is quite common p.s.Robin Hood was a crap archer!
Didn't he shoot an apple off his sons head? He must have had nerves of steel, or his son had.
Havent watched any archery but one of the archers (Chinese?) who got 100% in the bull is partially sighted and can only just see the target.
Wasn't that William Tell Sandy?

ABC shot a poisoned arrow :-)
zen and the art of archery ?
"one of the archers (Chinese?) who got 100% in the bull is partially sighted and can only just see the target."

He's legally blind in one eye and I would imagine has perfect vision in the other.
Surely they all close one eye to shoot anyway?
Do you think we should go back to using Robin Hood type bows in the Olympics? If so, can I suggest that there should also be Olympic events for
1. Fastest pulling up of a drawbridge
2. 100 yards moat swim
3. Pouring boiling oil from a turret contest
4. Hanging, drawing and quartering speed event
Now what`s Tony done to you MrsO?
And the clay pigeon shooting used to target real live pigeons :-(
lol Gness
Nothing - he wouldn't dare!
It's hard to live up to the standard of fictional heroes.
But if they were allowed to put the arrow in by hand they'd all end up level with perfect scores and gold medals.

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robin hood never needed a fancy bow

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