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Goonermatt | 14:39 Tue 03rd Jul 2012 | Sport
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Watching Wimbledon, it surprised me how many personnel it takes to play one match. 

For example, at Wimbledon there are 6 line judges, 6 ball boys/girls and one umpire for just two players. This gives a personnel to player (hereafter officially shortened to PPP, patent pending) ratio of 6.5:1.

I haven't counted the match referee or any other behind the scenes officials. 

In a typical football match, the PPP would be 0.14:1 (one referee and 2 linesmen) or 0.28:1 (if you include those two pointless goal line refs). I haven't included the 4th official because he is behind the scenes. 

Darts (if we called it a sport) and snooker would have a PPP of 0.5:1, being the two players and one scorer/umpire. 

So my question, finally, is:

Are there any sports that require as such a high PPP as tennis?

I don't know how you can measure sports such as cycling or marathon running that have on-course marshals/pace cars/support vehicles, so offer your suggestions based on the following rules:

i) Personnel must be visible on the field of play/arena (so no ball boys for football)

ii) Personnel must have an active participation in the sport (no match referee in tennis)

Er, I'm open to suggestions for any other rules to help define the PPP. 


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this site says 7 or 8. I don't understand how it can be variable. I make it 10 for tennis.
Question Author
10 line judges? I count three at each end at Wimbledon. Perhaps other events have different numbers of line judges though.
I make 10 as follows -
3 judges for the 2 outer lines and the centre line;
1 judge for service foot faults;
1 judge for the service court watching for services that are too long.
These 5 at both ends = 10.
If you include flag marshalls, Motor Racing possibly.
Question Author
Howard, where are the other judges during the game? I only see the three at each end, one on the centre line and one on each outer line.

Do these judges not call for long serves as well as wide ones, while their counterpart at the server's end are checking for foot faults?

I only see the three at each end on the telly, unless the others you mention are hiding somewhere off court.

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Personnel Per Player ratio

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