Man Utd "is" or "are" In The Prem??

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joggerjayne | 14:25 Wed 29th Feb 2012 | Sport
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Which is correct?

Man Utd ARE going to be playing in the Premiership again next season.


Man Utd IS going to be playing in the Premiership again next season.


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one team but a 'team' indicates plurality.. where is MR when we need him
Question Author
That's what I thought.
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Peterborough Utd and Brighton ARE going to play in the Premier League next season..............;-)
are ( in scottish sccent )
although we say "am" round here

"Am a gooin' to be" :-)
will be ;)
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But surely it's only "are" if it refers to the players in the team.

Some of the players might transfer abroad, and therefore NOT play in the Premiership.
Man Utd is just the one team so it should be 'is going to play'.

I can understand some thinking that the team is the goup of individual players though, but in all honestly they change with time so that can't be right; but there is just the one team, it has a name.
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Well, this is jolly.

A proper discussion!

I"m still an "are",j/jayne! :o)
How can something that is described as "United" be a single entity though?
Sqad Are not :-)
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Who or what "unites" to become the "United" part?

Manchester itself is hardly united.

Maybe "Manchester Divided" would be a better name?
They should have stuck to Newton Heath then :-)
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Was that their name?


I shall store that away, in case I ever take part in a pub quiz (highly unlikely).

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Man Utd "is" or "are" In The Prem??

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