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Davethedog | 14:02 Mon 10th Oct 2011 | Sport
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So Rugby players are much better behaved than football players.

The only time they come under heavy observation by the press they prove to be as bad if not worse.

The only reason they get away with it at club level is, the press don't care.


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Furthermore, they're not renowned for drinking and driving (the odd one, yes), drugs (the odd one too!) or sleeping with each others wives/girlfriends at regular intervals.

On the fairly rare occasions they do step out of line they are hit with huge fines and bans in comparison to footballers. When they are banned they are banned from all forms of rugby, regardless of whether they are a top international soon to be involved in a fixture for his country or just a club player. Same for managers/coaches. When Dean Richards was found guilty of orchestrating the 'Bloodgate' scandal he was banned form coaching for 3 years. The IRB subsequently ensured that the ban was enforced worldwide.
Also, rugby players tend not to resort to throwing darts at each other, shooting each other with rifles or stubbing cigarettes out on each others faces.

They also don't roll around and scream like footballers when they've had the most minor physical contact. Some of the quarter million pound a week 'stars' can hardly call themselves men when they drop to the floor without contact and roll around like a toddler in mid tantrum. Act like that on a rugby field and the authorities would act swiftly and without favour.

But then I doubt any professional rugby player whilst on field would lower themselves to the level of a professional footballer.......
I think you will find they are a lot better behaved, yes they made a horlicks this time around, but they don't do it on a regular basis, the game is far tougher and a harsher regime of training and discipline i would say. England have been battered by the press, and quite rightly so, but it's a rare event they go off the rails so spectacularly, and they have paid the price with the shame of losing and so badly at that. I wouldn't watch the pampered princes that are footballers these days.
Our 'saintly' rugby (and cricket for that matter) players are nowhere near as high profile as our footballers are, so obviously their misdemeanours are highlighted less

Mind you it wasn't actually an Englishman who jumped into the water from that ferry
What I don't get is why the big rough tough rugger boys need a week between games yet footballers at their World Cup play every 3/4 days.

And, as someone who played both games for many years, rugby players most certainly are not better behaved, unless you consider well-educated men drinking to excess, lighting their own farts and behaving like four year olds to be good behaviour?
Question Author
Just like "bloodgate" this is the tip of the iceberg you would have people being done for drugs or driving golf buggys down motorways are anomolies but there not. They arejust high profile. I don't think Tinalls conduct has in anyway warrented the witch hunt that has gone on and of course if they had got to the final it would have been forgotten.

Joeluke tut tut :-)
Rugby players are not "all" better behaved than footballers (thank goodness) ...

But they are all bigger, stronger, and better looking than footballers.

You're not SERIOUSLY trying to equate a football match with the immense physicallity of a rugby match? The physical requirements of a game of rugby at international level surely outweigh (by some margin) those of an international football match?

The cardiovascular effort, upper and lower body strength requirements mean that rugby players by their very nature need longer recovery periods.

IMHO there is no comparison. Many footballers doubtless receive some of their injuries as a result of diving, which is something they must surely practice to be that good at it? I doubt rugby players would have the same mindset!

Lighting farts? Hardly in the same league as throwing darts at or shooting trainees is it? Yes, the golf buggy was driven as a result of heavy drinking. No excuse though. The misdemeanours of the footballers who've thrown darts etc were whilst sober at a training ground.

Still think there's a comparison?

There you have it, the all-encompassing word.....'if'.

IF England had got to the final and IF Tindall played yes, it would have all been forgotten. But they didn't, he didn't, yet IF they'd maybe stayed off the booze and IF the captain had (metaphorically) banged a few heads together they may have played a bit better than they did.

As for tip of the iceberg, footballers cheat on a regular basis, most games in fact. Either diving to get a penalty or faking injury to get another player sent off happens just about every game. Bloodgate was a one off and those involved were castigated roundly and penalised severely. Footballers never suffer the same stringent measures though, do they?

Lastly, I've yet to see the highest paid rugby player refuse to come off the bench and play for his club, his team mates, his manager and the fans. Rugby players in general have a totally different demeanour and ethos about the game they play. Top footballers appear to be just greedy, petulant playboys with no regard or respect for the shirt they wear of the team they (supposedly) represent.
some went to a pub and chatted to women; another one jumped off a ferry and swam.

Awful... just disgraceful... Worse than footballers!!
I agree, jno.

Footballers just shag each other's wives, shag other people's wives, shag prostitutes behind their own wives backs, and punch people in the face in night clubs.

They're a lovely bunch.
And Leeds Rhinos won the cup.
Footballers may be philanderers (so what, it ain't a crime), but rugby players are just thugs

Witness the number of them who end up in court on assault charges in their everyday life
and what number is that, exactly?
Google 'rugby player assault' and count them all yourself!
I'd rather date a rugby player, any day.
So they did AYG!
Quite JoeLuke.

Philtaz, I was talking about my experience of playing rugby and football, and comparing those behaviours, not reflecting on high profile players so yes, I am serious. I found the after game jinks in the rugby club infantile in the extreme and ill-befitting highly qualified people.

Having played both games I found football caused more injuries, and I played as a hooker. Yes, there is intense physicality, as there is in football, and football is much faster in many areas apart from the wings, but they also have nutritionists, physiotherapist, sports scientists and preparation never before seen, yet they still need a week between the group and the quarters, then another week before the semis. C'mon?

Football receives much more coverage than rugby and is much more newsworthy, (not my opinion, merely a reflection of the coverage papers give it), and therefore football stories are more prevalent and, as we all know, bad news is best. This is perhaps more reflective of the dumbed down, celebrity obsessed reality TV driven society we live in, but it's a fact. I am not condoning Rooney's penchant for horizontal jogging with grannies or the cult of spit-roasting, but if you give poorly educated young men lots of money and drink they will err. Rugby players seem equally adept at erring, but they dont have the excuse of being poorly educated, just a fair amount of bad judgement. I have also to see footballers gouge each others' eyes, grab testicles and thump each other on the pitch, in fasct there is a hullaballoo when two players dare go head to head, whereas rugby passes it this sort of thuggery as jolly japes.
Ditto JJ.
But Duncer ... it IS just jolly japes.

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