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Tomas123 | 22:46 Sat 20th Aug 2011 | Sport
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Im having trouble with my Achilles tendon and iv got a important county rugby game on Monday and i was wondering if anyone knows if there's any tape or something to put on my muscles to ease it so i can perform??


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Larger branches of Boots are open on Sundays. You should be able to buy one of these, which might help:

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a friend told me to put tape going from the ankle to somewhere near the knee on both sides will that help?
That might be dependent upon what your friend means by 'tape'.

'Elastic adhesive bandage' is probably what he's referring to. Yes, it might help but getting the tension just right isn't particularly easy. (Too loose and it doesn't provide the support you need. Too tight and you you won't have sufficient movement).

I've used the stuff myself (when refereeing football matches). I came o the conclusion that (although less bulky) it wasn't any more effective (and possibly less so) than using a traditional crepe bandage, secured at the end with adhesive tape.
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which one would you suggest at im playing rugby and to take into account i will be tackling and tackled or on the floor
My daughter was advised by the specialist to wear one of those contraptions that Chris has posted and it really helped her. She was in agony and had to rest it for weeks. Ought you to be playing rugby with Achilles problems?
I'd still go for the proper ankle support, Tomas.
(Yes, I know that it's expensive but it will do the job far better than 'tape')
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ladybirder if you mean how are you playing with Achilles problem, well its got worse as my training has been more frequent due to season starting soon but after my game on Monday iv got 2 weeks of to rest until our first game so i thought ill just deal with the pain for 80 minutes

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