Horse racing winning distance

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lesblue | 18:52 Tue 26th Jul 2011 | Sport
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I notice that a horse today won a race by "a nose". I was under the impression that a "short head" was the shortest winning distance. When did they start using "nose" as a winning distance?


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2009/10 flat season?
Well a horse called Plaudit won the Kentucky Derby in 1898 by a nose, so it's been around for a while. But maybe only in the States.
It`s been around in the UK for ages, even dog racing used the term 30 years ago
When Alex Ferguson started getting involved...
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Can't believe its been an official distance (in this country at least) for very long. I'm sure I'd have noticed it before.
It's been around for ever, they can win by a whisker too.
Its possibly used more often now due to the improved images from which they decide close finishes
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A whisker is not an official winning distance, nor is a gnat's wotsit or the width of a fag paper. I am talking about official distances, as recognised by the horse racing authorities
i thought the same as you Author, i thought greyhounds could win by a nose but horses by a short head. i ws surprised to hear a nose mentioned very recently on tv at a horse race so guess it must be correct now but dont know when it started being used.

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Horse racing winning distance

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