where can i buy a 'Harrows Quadro 240' dartboard from?

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dalebillster | 11:17 Sat 28th Nov 2009 | Other Sports
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Hi everyone,
id really like to get my hands on a 'Harrows Quadro 240' dartboard but i cant find them anywhere. Its a weird looking dartboard that has the doubles on the outside, then single numbers, then trebles & singles again just like a normal board but towards the middle it has another ring for the quadruples. So its possible (if your good enough) to score a maximum of 240 as opposed to 180 on a normal board. Iv heard that they stopped making these boards a while ago & i narrowly missed out on one that was on ebay last week. Surely its possible to get one from somewhere?

Im grateful for any replies,
thanks Dale


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Hi Dale,
I have a 'Harrows Quadro 240' dartboard. Didn't realise that they were so rare. What price are u looking to buy one for. I'll have to make some inquiries into value before I'd agree to sell.
My email is [email protected] if you want to get back to me.

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where can i buy a 'Harrows Quadro 240' dartboard from?

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