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MargoTester | 12:26 Sun 08th Aug 2021 | Other Sports
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Congratulations to Team GB on equalling our 2012 result with 65 medals overall. 22 gold 21 silver and 22 bronze, 4th in the medal tables. Really enjoyed watching some of the new sports involved.


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As someone who scoffed at synchronised swimming in the past, the top teams in the team artistic swimming (as it's now called) were a revelation. Worth finding it on iPlayer.

Also the boxer who expressed disappointment about the silver was im ITV News the following day.

"When I didn't get that gold, it was so upsetting, I could have presented myself a lot better but it was just the raw emotion I wanted to bring a gold back to the country and I didn’t do that and I felt like I let everybody down.”

He talked about his competitive spirit, which he said even extends to video games with his friends.

He added: “I woke up a bit happier today with a silver on my neck, where it should have been, and I’m happy.”
//As someone who scoffed at synchronised swimming in the past//

Sorry ... but I still do. Synchronised splashing I call it.
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Organised drowning (Terry Wogan)
//You may want to rethink that, NJ//

Why Roy? Are you saying that the boxers do not remain in contact with the ground, or that some of the others do?

I understand that among the events under consideration for the next Olympiad is mixed underwater synchronised ironing. This will be shown exclusively on Sky Sports 94. :-)
Why Roy? Are you saying that the boxers do not remain in contact with the ground,

Yep, as soon as they climb into the ring.
loved the sports and especially BMX trials, when Khy White (silver) gallantly lifted Beth Shreiver (gold) off the ground, after her legs gave out on completion of her trial.
"The British Olympic Association (BOA) is the National Olympic Committee (NOC) for Great Britain and Northern Ireland."

"Team GB is the Great Britain and Northern Ireland Olympic Team.

Every two years the team represents Great Britain and Northern Ireland in the summer or winter Olympic Games."

There was no "and Northern Ireland" on the vests or outfits worn by the team members yet I have seen it or "GB & NI" in other athletic competitions.

The argument is meant to be that as Manx folk and Channel Islanders can be included, "Team UK" is not accurate but surely it's more accurate than "Team GB"?

//Yep, as soon as they climb into the ring.//

Point taken, roy. Depends on your definition of "the ground" I suppose. The same could be said of judo players I suppose, since they are on a mat.

The mat in judo is on the ground. The canvas in boxing isn't.
I'll not quibble, roy :-)

But, d'ya know what. I'm all Olympic-ed out. I watched the 6pm "news". Supposedly 30 minutes. Just six minutes of news - you know, unimportant trifles like people in Greece being forced out of their homes because of fire, hundreds of people pitching up daily in Kent in rubber boats, that sort of thing. The rest was the now finished Olympic Games including a nine minute interview with Chris Hoy. So I've just turned on for the 10:30 edition of "The papers". Began late at 10:35 because we had to endure the end of the Chris Hoy interview again. They looked at three papers, two of which headlined with the now-closed Olympic Games. Cut short at 10:45 to make room for more "news". What was that news? No, you don't get three guesses. I'm going to bed.

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Tokyo Olympics

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