Glorious Goodwood - 27 - 31 July 2021

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Ken4155 | 19:25 Mon 26th Jul 2021 | Other Sports
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After quite a bit of rain in the area, we are looking at a damp start to the Goodwood festival and the forecast going is soft, which has already caused the defection of some of the intended participants.
Have had a quick butcher's and am disappointed to discover just 3 handicaps with fields large enough to sustain an e.w. bet:-( Thankfully there are a few decent handicaps on the supporting cards at Beverley and Yarmouth.


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Shot on getting a thread up Ken. I was just about to have a look at how the meet looked. They should have moved it up here ... it is still lovely and despite the doomsayers predictions, it looks like being another nice day tomorrow. The ITV7 slots a couple in from Beverly.
Had a quick look, and the first race and the later sprint look like red hot contests. Can Stradivarius regain his crown? Could Dettori ride him any worse than last time?
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I was also looking at one of last year's winners in Maydanny, Togo, in the first race even though he is carrying more weight this time around. However, i do fear the going is against him.
Not all horses act around Goodwood, so for that reason alone, i would not oppose Stradivarius in his attempt to win this race for the fifth time - providing Frankie doesn't fall asleep again.
A good few years back, i researched how horses fared once they had won at the Glorious Goodwood meeting, going back about 6 or 7 years, and i found that, unless they were Group horses or exceptional handicappers, not many went on to win elsewhere. at least, not for quite some time. Though quite a few of them did run well when returned to the track. Couldn't find a reason for it, but it led me to avoiding those horses who had won at Goodwood in future races.
Let's see how many more are pulled on account of the ground, tomorrow and let's hope there aren't too many.
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Just as i feared, the going is now heavy and the numbers in the first race have almost been halved - Maydanny one of the 7 to have been withdrawn. The 14-runner 3.00 race is reduced to just 8, 5 animals come out of the 17 runner 4.10 handicap, the Unibet fillies handicap is reduced to just 7 runners after 4 withdrawals and the last race, the EBF fillies h'cap now has only 6 runners from an initial 9. Not exactly Glorious Goodwood:-(
Sorted today's dabble out. Off out for a wander whilst the weather is holding. Have reluctantly passed on Stradivarius because I note he has been beaten twice when the going is heavy despite handling softish ground. Done the ITV7 with an E/W Trixie### and the other 4**** a Win Acca, Doubles and Trebles. Used my free bet from 365 on the first race £2.50 E/W. Good Luck if you have a go.

Majestic Dawn @10/1 1.50G #
La Beau Garcon @10/3 2.05B *
Angel Bleu @4/1 2.25G *
Ventura Flame @8/1 2.25B #
Space Blues @3/1 3.00G *
Trueshan @9/4 3.35G *
Blue De Vega @10/1 4.10G #
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1.10 Yar; Hi Ho Silver @ 11/2 - 4 places
2.40 Be; Sara's Hope @ 17/2
3.50 Be; Proud Archi @ 11/2
4.00 Yar; Arlo's Sunshine @ 4/1 - 5 places

4 x £2 win singles, 20p L15, £1 e.w. acca. 4 placed = £17, 4 winners = £2,128.
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I really cannot be arissed trawling through the ITV 7, bad enough clicking on each horse in the 3 races i have taken an interest in at Goodwood to see if they have ever acted on the ground.
Oh no, just heard Derek Thompson* tipping my selection up in the opener at Yarmouth :-/
With absolutely no confidence whatsoever in the following, here's my Goodwood bet;

1.50; It's Good To Laugh @ 17/2 - 5 places
3.00; Safe Voyage @ 7/1 - 4 places
4.10; Blue De Vega @ 10/1

£1 Patent, £1.50 e.w. Treble. 3 placed = poss £23, 3 winners = poss £2.053.

I have used my free £5 bet with 365 on the first of those 3 selections for a poss return of £42.50.

Best of luck, y'all:-)

*True to form, more finished in front of Hi Ho Silver than behind it :-(
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There were 4 CD winners lining up in the 1.30 Bev. I backed 2 of them, Flower Power and archive in a rev f/c. The other 2 finished 1st and 2nd :-///
Nice treble and 3 doubles this end paid me 40 odd quid. Space Blues(the banker) let me down for about £800. I am glad "Strad" wasn't beaten again. Try again tomorrow.
Blow me ... Just logged in to look at the ITV7, opened up the Sky Bet site and saw that I had gained £140. Besides the 3 winners yesterday the other 4 were placed and I had done an e/w acca on the 7, as ya do. I picked up nigh on £190 for my efforts all told. More of the same today please.
I hadn't realized that skybet were paying 5 places in the 1.50, and 4.20, and 4 places in the 3.00.
WE have just had a 10 minute blast of wind and rain and it is now clear again. On early so that I can get out ... it is a long Winter. Got maself in a dither earlier and actually had £188 back for the place acca. £140 was what I transferred to my current account, so I had about £240 back all told. My trier for today is the ITV& and a win Trixie*** on those 3 with an E/W Acca and Trebles, with win doubles on the other 4####.Also had a n E/W single on the 2.25. I see that skybet are again paying extra places in 3 races if there are no more withdrawn horses. 5 in the 2.25 4, in the 3.00, and 3 in the 4.10. with a very nice 6 places in the last. Good luck if you indulge.

Kolisi @13/2 1.50G#
Mr Coco Bean @5/1 2.10R#
Last Empire @16/1 2.25G#
Fearby @13/8 3.00G*
Oh So Hot @9/2 3.30R*
Snow Lantern @9/2 3.35G*
La Feile @11/2 4.10G#
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Good arrows, yesterday, Togo. All i had was the one winner - Proud Archie - from which i returned almost £18, so lost only a small sum. Have done the ITV 7 today - again without much conviction - and i am more hopeful of my bet away from Goodwood.

1.50 G; Pleasant Man @ 8/1
2.25 G; Onassis @ 6/1 - 5 places
4.45 G; Timeless Soul @ 3/1
5.20 G; Be Prepared @ 10/1 - 6 places

20p L15, £1 e,w, acca. 4 placed = £26, 4 winners = £3,034

3.20 R; Oh So Hot @ 4/1 - 4 places
3.45 P; Headscarf Lily @ 4/1
4.20 P; Follow The Fire @ 4/1
4.27 R; Transition @ 6/1

20p L15, £1 e.w. acca. 4 placed = £12, 4 winners = £1,170.

ITV7; Pleasant Man, We Still Believe, Onassis, Fearby, Oh So Hot, Poetic Flare and Cannonized.

Best of luck, all.
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Good hit with Last Empire, Togo. Must admit i did have a look at it given Tudhope's record on it's back. Thought that Onassis' CD experience would prevail. Wish i'd done the rev f/c - paid just shy of £127:-/
Not long been in. Spent an hour or so sitting on the Great Orme(in the motor) watching the lightning out over the Liverpool Bar and up the Conwy Valley. Spectacular. Up again today Ken besides the nice win I had a fiver back for a place acca, 5 horses. I paid to have some dental work done last week and I have now won back what I paid. Laughing at em ... with my own teeth. :))
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All 4 placed in the 2nd bet and £14.41 returned. Slightly in pocket no matter how Be Prepared runs in the last.
Little fish are sweet sometimes Ken. Had a look at Epic Endeavour(win) and Queen's Sargent(E/W) in the last and done a rev f/cast.
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Pity Pleasant Man couldn't place in the first - t'others all did :-(
Done 3 for tonight, big(ish) prices :-)
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Hahaha. Here's one for you, Togo. Son texted me earlier to put 2 placepots on for him at Leicester and Sandown, both £5 stakes. I had only just logged off and had settled down with a brew so i was a bit miffed at his timing. I put the placepots on, bashing the keys a tad harder than is probably good for them, not particularly concentrating on what it was i was doing, then texted him to say bets were on. He texted me again about a half hour ago asking if i had got the stake money returned for the Sandown placepot. I logged on, looked at the results and saw the meeting was abandoned after the first 3 races. His selections had all been placed up until then so i checked the dividend, which was £13 per £1 stake, meaning he had £65 to draw. Logged in to my Sky account to withdraw the winnings, only to find just over £131 waiting for me. Checked the finer details of the bet and saw that somehow - and i can only assume the bashing of the keys and the lack of concentration - i had made 2 selections in the 4th race (2 and 7) and hadn't even noticed a tenner disappearing instead of the fiver. So i now have an extra £65 to play with tomorrow should i wish to do so :-))
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Also copped for £22.40 for my 6/1 winner Katies Kitten and 2 non-runners :-)

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Glorious Goodwood - 27 - 31 July 2021

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