Midweek Punt - Wed 12 May 2021

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Ken4155 | 11:33 Wed 12th May 2021 | Other Sports
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Would love to be up in York today. Some decent handicaps to employ the old slide-rule on :-) With the abandonment of N/Abbot, the ITV 7 is actually an ITV 6, today - 4 from York and 2 from Worcester.


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Spice, your fav geegee is running in the 2.10 York. Currently @ around 9/1.
Morning Ken. Just in the process of making my picks. I can't for the life of me figure out why the 1.40 Ebor handicap was left out of the ITV7 but the subsequently abandoned 6 runner race at Newton Abbot was included. The 1.40 is on the TV anyway and the ITV7 becomes an ITV6. Hope they don't get a taste of what we had yesterday afternoon or all bets are off.
**** e/w Acca Doubles Trebles Little Trixie on the 3⁕⁕⁕
Soldier's Minute* @11/1 2.10Y
Moscow Spy⁕ @4/1 2.10W
Starman* @5/1 2.40Y
Valentino Dancer⁕ @9/4 3.00W
Noon Star⁕ @13/8 3.10Y
Northern Express* @5/1 3.40Y

Ilaraab* @4/1 1.40Y (not in the ITV6)

Good Luck if you have a go.
May have a little e/w on Brian The Snail in the 2.10. Considering the going, the weight he is carrying, the fact that he tries 100% every time he runs, and if they get the hail that we had yesterday they will not see him coming seeing as he is a grey carrying grey colours. :))
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Afternoon, Togo. Best of luck with your selections, particularly the last one :-)
I agree with what you say on the 1.40 race. Would love to know the mindset of whoever is in charge of selecting which races comprise the ITV7? (Bet it's a woman :-)))))

Sticking with York for my main bet and will be having a look at t'other meetings later;

1.40; My Frankel @ 9/2 - 5 places
2.10; Staxton @ 14/1 - 7 places
3.40; Northern Express @ 4/1 - 4 places
4.50; Second Slip @ 7/1 - 6 places

4 x £2 win singles, 20p L15, £1 e.w. acca. 4 placed (Sky) = poss £23, 4 winners = poss £3,344.

ITV 6; Staxton, Daany, Final Song, Bashful Boy, Mystery Angel & Northern Express. Take out the bumper runner and done a £1 e.w. five-fold.

York Placepot; 3-10-10-3-9-8

Will also be having a win single on Mystery Angel with stake to be determined by performances of first 2 in L15.

Good luck to all punters :-))
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Just had £3 on Presentandcounting in the 1.00 Wor. Despite being ridden by Brian Hughes, drifted like a barge in betting out to 5/1 :-))
So, i've had a fiver on Mystery Song.
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For the purpose of my e.w. acca, My Frankel was 5th. However, the placepot goes down at the first hurdle, so to speak. Mine was number 3 - the first four home were numbered 2,4,5 & 1:-((
I'm afraid I stopped trusting Stoute a long time ago Ken. He is trying to be too clever by half most of the time. That is a damned good horse that he has sent out looking half cooked. I only do his runners now if it is impossible for him to send out an ill prepared one or risk an enquiry. I know that if I had a horse that I would need some persuading before I sent it to him.
Wellll ... I had a nice double and once again let myself down. Been doing Mr Lupton since it was in nappies, and left it out today because "it is getting on". If Brando had gone in as well I would have been under the Moon. Done a double in the last 2 races Jadhlaan and Flyin' Solo.
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I also left Mr Lupton of because of age, Togo, and when he was fighting it out with Danzan, my tv almost went through the window. Yours was a decent double - i was way off, today at York. did manage another winner at Worcester though, in Sandy Boy @ 9/2.
Not one for ante-post betting but if you could guarantee me same underfoot conditions for the Ebor, come August, i'd be sorely tempted by the 10/1 they're offering on Haggas' facile winner of the opener.
Gonna have a butcher's at tonight's meetings, now. Work, work, work :-)
He has won 6 out of 7 including, a win @ York and Newbury at the back end of Summer last Ken. I put it in my Sporting Life "one to watch "stable" a while back but I think the prices on him are due to be squeezed. To be honest I was surprised to get 4s about him this morning. He acts on good ground as well. Have another go tomorrow, and have a scan for anything that looks good later this evening.
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I'm always a tad averse to horses having their first run of the season, Togo. An old habit i can't seem to shake, especially in a race where the vast majority of winners down the years have had run to blow the cobwebs away. It's a different matter if a horse has previous form on the back of a long break, but this is only a 4 year old, so no such history existed.
To further complicate matters for me, i regard Haggas to be one of the shrewdest trainers in the business yet, for me, he is also one of the most frustrating. He could have 5/6 on the card and i'd have backed the one that didn't :-(
Haha and 3 runners in a race and you do a r/v on 2, and the other wins. Been there.
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Managed a couple of winners (11/2 and 5/1), a place and a n/r in last night's bet for a return of just over £30 and a fiver on Mason Mount to have more than one shot on target @ 4/1. His first SOT was in the 5th minute but i had to wait another 18 mins for his 2nd :-))
Have chosen my selections for today's ITV 7 but haven't submitted them yet. Will check to see if they are all 'playing out' when i get back from town.
Hopefully, while i am down there, Melbourne City will oblige by winning 2-1 @ 7/1 (£3.80 stake).
I put him in an e/w L15, ken. Had a 9/1 winner with it, 18/1 2nd. Thought I might get paid on Gulliver, 6th, and luckily did. But I was cursing Summerghand? [email protected] 18/1 for not hanging on to third.
To my delight and surprise, despite it not being a handicap, they paid out on the first 4.
I've always liked York. ;-)
Unlike Chester which I avoid betting at.
Although I did do one on the first day which I think Togo must have done. Broken Spear [email protected]/1. (although they paid me out at 16/1, ;-( , never happy, are we, lol)
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Only realised t'other day that Sky don't do BOG if you take their extra place prices. I put a £1.50 e.w. single to 4 places on It Must Be Faith @ 18/1 for a poss return of £35.40. It duly obliged, winning at 25/1 but i still only received the £35.40. Never been one for the small print :-/
Shocker about Tyrone Williams. I always think of him as being a young kid though he was in his 50s. Mind you, I think of all jockeys as young lads now. It was all Mercer, Hide, Beasley and, of course, Pigott when I started chucking my money away.
Yeah, I only just realised. Did Broken Spear with Hills, so maybe all the bookies do it.
Swings and roundabouts, anyway. I wouldn't have had 4 up yesterday without the extra e/w placings.
I'm more used to betting without Best Prices or Extra Places.
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Taking on an O'Brien trained 'hotpot' isn't usually recommended, but Mark Johnson has trained 2 winners of the 3.10 York in recent times and his Gear Up won a Gp 1 lto. So i've put it in the ITV 7 and had a couple of quid on it to win.
Frankie drags himself out of bed for just the one ride - Uncle Bryn in the same race - and i may have a little e.w. on him, especially if the horse drifts in the market (currently 10s).

1.40 Y; Copper Knight @ 13/2 - 6 places
2.30 P; Flint Hill @ 3/1 - 4 places
2.40 Y; Matthew Flinders @ 9/2 - 5 places
4.50 Y; Frankenstella @ 4/1 - 5 places

4 x £2 win singles, 20p L15, £1 e.w. acca. 4 placed = poss £12, 4 winners = poss £1,065.

ITV 7; Silence Please*, Lord Protector, Flint Hill, Matthew Flinders, Pennymoor, Gear Up & Acklam Express*. £1 e.w. acca.

* denotes Treble/Trixie along with Secret Strength, 4.15 Y, for a poss return of £148.

Be lucky, people.
Afternoon. I haven't gone awol, just busy in the garden whilst it is still nice out. The Dante is one good race and as far as I can see any of 4 good ones look likely. I have stayed with the O'Brien runner High Definition in the ITV7 but it was hard to swerve Royal Champion, Gear UP, and Hurricane Lane who have all been just short of impressive. I will get a punt on before the first race which again is left out of the ITV7. Also like no7 in the last.
I think my punt will be very similar to yours Ken. :))

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